2022 Cadillac Escalade makes minor changes to the entire lineup

Cadillac recently opened About the changes made to the 2022 car crossover Next year’s lineup, but the plan for 2022 is mom Escalade.. GM Authority To tell It has merchandise and is rounding up the number of trim changes that have been made to large SUVs. The 5th generation Slade has 5 trims from bottom to top. Luxury, premium luxury, sports, luxury platinum, sports platinum.Starting with an update of the entire lineup, two exteriors colour Retired, Dark Mocha Metallic and Shadow Metallic. It has been replaced with three colors: Galactic Gray Metallic, Mahogany Metallic, and Wilder Metallic. Escalade offers only one free color, Black Raven. All metallics are priced at $ 625 and we expect these new metallics to be so.

Safety is the term for next year’s model, with more features on more vehicles.The entire lineup GM’s Buckle-to-drive features that are part of the teen driver’s safety suite. If a teenager tries to make sure he has the buckle clasped before takeoff, the vehicle will not shift to the drive until the seatbelt is fastened if the drive is active from the buckle. When the vehicle starts, the driver information center will beep and message, and will time out after 20 seconds.

The last short-term change in the entire lineup is the abolition of near field communication. This technology has been superseded by the latest smartphone features. Finally, Supercruise will eventually join the Escalade Options Seat.

After that, middle premium luxury and sports trim are big beneficiaries. In 2021, these two provided adaptive cruise control, automatic seatbelt tightening, and enhanced automatic emergencies. braking, Reverse autobrake as an option. These features will be available as standard in 2022. To add more features, we had to modify the currently available optional $ 3,650 Driver Assist Tech Package. This is because the package contains three standard features. As a result, this option has been renamed to the Touring Package and includes Air Ride Adaptive Suspension, front and rear soft-closed doors, and illuminated tread plates. Pricing is a mystery for now.

Luxury trim on the base has received a bit of attention and will become the standard for lane keep assist and lane departure warning next year. The kit will not be available at any price on the 2021 Escalade.

And in 2023, the GM Authority says it should get a hotter, more supercharged Escalade-V. There seem to be two threads for the supercharger, but I’m not sure if they are the same or two. Motor trend report Earlier this year, GM began offering superchargers for large SUVs that require horsepower between the current 420 and 600 to 620, MT It wasn’t clear if this was a factory option or a dealer-installed one. GMAOn the other hand, there are spy shots What it says is the Escalade V in both standard and ESV formats, and it says it will get a 6.2 liter supercharged V8. Cadillac CT5-V With the black wing Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.That engine makes 668 horsepower in Cadillac, 650 CamaroTherefore, it is easy to get back to the Motor Trend numbers a bit.

March, Cadillac Chief Engineer Tony Roma’s said During the interview Auto line, “I couldn’t imagine doing an Escalade V Black Wing. Maybe we’ll do an SUV, maybe we’ll do an Escalade V we know.” It’s a fast escalator from the factory. Gives (slight, expected) credit.based on 2 sets of spy shots GMA have, truck It seems that it may come with improved front fascia, air ride adaptive control, magnetic air ride control, new wheel design, super fast mounted quad pipe finisher CT4-V With the black wing CT5-V Black wing.

2022 Cadillac Escalade makes minor changes to the entire lineup

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