2022 Cadillac lyric launch is ahead of schedule

General Motors All components and technologies of Cadillac Lyriq Electric crossover It has passed the 80% validation benchmark. As the new video shows, reaching this point involves a lot of actual driving on gravel, ice and snow at the Southern Hemisphere Test Site in Wanaka, New Zealand. Laboratory.For video narration GM Lyriq says, “As long as we set a new benchmark for ride quality and handling in this segment, we have a lot of potential. The brand’s ride quality and handling mission statement is called” Isolated Precision. ” The engineer who proved the Foundation’s substance In the next six months or so, you can fine-tune the touchpoints of your vehicle.

Lyriq’s customers will have final decision on all of this early next year, about eight months earlier than planned. In August 2020, when Cadillac officially announced Lyriq, automakers said they wouldn’t hit the market until late 2022.According to General Motors, the compressed development schedule is “modular, flexible quality and engineering advances in the Ultium system. battery Technology, use of virtual development tools, and Hummer EV development process. “

The first model to come is the Lyriq Debut Edition, which has a single motor on the rear axle. 340 Horsepower and 325 lb-foot torque. The juice comes from a 100kWh Ultium battery pack that GM believes is suitable for a range of 300 miles on charge. Home charging with a standard 11.5kW charger requires a full session all night to refill from the air. The optional 19.2 kW on-board charger takes about 6 hours and restores about 52 miles or range per hour. When connected to a DC quick charger, with up to 190 kW, Lyriq gains a range of about 76 miles in 10 minutes.

Production will begin in the first quarter of next year at GM’s facility in Spring Hill, Tennessee, where it will build five other Cadillacs. Electric car Planned by 2025, and their batteries. Next summer, Cadillac will resume its production model Lyriq booking system, including dual motors and all-wheel drive performance trim.

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2022 Cadillac lyric launch is ahead of schedule

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