2022 Elections: With Trump in rear view mirror, Kemp unites GOP against Stacey Abrams – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2022-05-25 02:34:48 –

In his victory speech on Tuesday night, Governor Brian P. Kemp attempted to persuade the Republican fencesitter to his side over his main enemy, David Perdue.

“I would also like to thank David Padew for calling me a while back, promising his full support and confirming that it will continue,” Governor Kemp said. “But I want to be clear with everyone here tonight. Our fight isn’t over yet.”

Governor Kemp used a power lever to disable Donald Trump-backed Purdue in the pass. National newspapers and most MAGA-backed conservatives focused on Kemp refusing to re-litigate the 2020 presidential election, but the governor took advantage of the 2022 session and was his most enthusiastic. He tried the critics and passed a law to massage them.

“They wanted someone to fight with them for their value. Those who put them first,” Kemp said. Others wanted someone to look into his eyes, tell the truth, and do what they say. So, in April 2017, I did what many said I couldn’t. “

First, Kemp asked one taxpayer for a $ 250 rebate and offered a $ 500 rebate to households that jointly file tax returns. Kemp then persuaded the legislature to pick up and pass the constitutional carry. This is a law that allows most individuals to carry hidden guns without state-issued permits.

He upheld the teacher’s salary increase, persuaded Congress to pass a transgender sports ban, promised to ban critical racing theory from public schools in Georgia, and banned Georgia’s petrol tax during the session. I succeeded in temporarily stopping it.

“We cracked down on trafficking gangs and increased access to rural broadband,” Kemp said. “We continue to lower the cost of health insurance and support law enforcement men and women. In Georgia, we have protected both lives and livelihoods during the global epidemic. We have passed historic tax cuts, raised teacher salaries and brought two of the largest economic development projects in state history to Georgia. “

While Purdue had Trump’s money, Kemp used political equipment around him to steal chips in Purdue’s campaign.

In particular, Governor Kemp appointed David’s cousin, former Georgia Governor and Trump Agricultural Secretary Sonny Perdue, as Prime Minister of the Georgia Board of Directors on February 15. In the process of nomination, David Perdue told Axios last year that his cousin had not recommended him to the governor and was “in a difficult position” for his bid to become prime minister.

Throughout all that, Kemp remained a popular candidate among Georgian voters and did not believe that former President Trump’s political beef needed to be resolved.

On Tuesday night, each Trump support candidate in major state-wide offices suffered losses. Patrick Witt lost to incumbent insurance commissioner John L. King. King won 70% of the votes, almost 55 points ahead of Trump’s supportive wit. Incumbent Secretary of State Brad Rafence has defeated Trump-backed US House of Representatives Jody Hice. Finally, incumbent Attorney General Chris Carr defeated Trump-backed candidate Jon Gordon.

However, Burt Jones decided to appoint a deputy governor to preside over the Georgia Senate during the session.

Kemp is currently aiming at Abrams and is asking supporters to maintain Choppinwood for the next five and a half months as the November 8 election day is approaching.

“Tonight, the fight for the souls of our state will begin again to prevent Stacey Abrams from becoming our governor or president-elect,” Kemp said.

“They’re going to have money. They’re going to have all the left-wing politicians in the country coming here to tell you who your next governor is. Already doubting us. They say Stacy is too difficult to beat … the second time I might add. “

2022 Elections: With Trump in rear view mirror, Kemp unites GOP against Stacey Abrams Source link 2022 Elections: With Trump in rear view mirror, Kemp unites GOP against Stacey Abrams

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