2022 Fiat 500X gets Yacht Club Capri Special Edition

15 years ago Fiat Today, Fiat’s domestic market, has released a product roadmap that identifies 10 new models that will emerge between 2007 and 2010. Italy We sell only five models, three of which are 500 versions and only one in the United States. 500X.. For that model, we sold 1,443 units here in 2020. Based on 980 sales by the end of September this year, Fiat does not even reach its worst mark. The show still has to continue, so Fiat has two touches in the store for the 2022500X. Starting with the smaller ones, there is an “Al-Fresco” retractable fabric roof available for all trims.To ensure sprezzatura The 500X driver requires, you can have four tops colour, Three of them are black, gray, or red.

The final color, blue, is reserved for the bigger news. The new yacht club Capri Trim, also a special blue model. This model is named after Capri, not far from Naples, Italy, and the numerous yachts anchored there. Based on the penultimate sports trim, it is flooded with Venetian blue paint and sits on an 18-inch wheel with Venetian blue accents on the outside to get the Yacht Club Capri badge. Inside, ivory leather seats with blue piping face the instrument panel with satin-finished wood-grain inserts and shift levers. In other markets, this same model is known as the Yachting Collector’s Edition and is also available on the 2-door All-Electric 500. Build assignments are limited to 500 numbered units.Fiat does not mention limited production for the US

All 500Xs are powered by a 1.3-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with 177 horsepower and 210 lb-foot torque, powering all four wheels via a 9-speed automatic.

Fiat hasn’t officially announced pricing, but automakers may be thinking of raising the price by $ 680, based on information found on automated pricing sites. Fiat states that the current four trims, pop, trekking, sports and trekking plus will be carried over. According to the information we found, only three have been priced so far. Here are the interim prices for 2022, including a whopping $ 1,495 destination fee:

  • Pop: $ 28,120
  • Trekking: $ 29,255
  • Sports: $ 30,110

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2022 Fiat 500X gets Yacht Club Capri Special Edition

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