2022 Ford Maverick hybrid production sold out

During October Ford He said he expects production execution planned for 2022. Heretic The hybrid pickup is sold out in November.Now, what is the moon between friends and enthusiastic people? truck Buyer?Thread on NS Maverick chat forum Big truck and small truck said Fuel economy It is off the menu for new customers in the next model year.Ford apparently sent a newsletter dealer We have changed the dealer ordering system to prevent dealers from trying, informing them that new orders will not be selected for the schedule. A user in the same thread said Ford actually shut down the order on November 11th, but we’re just riding the wind now.

Ford’s Head of North American Product Communications Said CarBuzz, “We are currently fully booking the Maverick Hybrid due to high demand. Orders will resume next summer.” It will be the consumer’s next shot at the pickup, which will be the product of the 2023 model. increase.

This should not be surprised by the changing situation. More than 10 years ago When Mahindra planned Bring small things that are not street legal pick-up truck Here are a lot of comments suggesting the demand for rugged and compact pickups that have left the market in the former. Ford Ranger.. Such demand has never found an exit.When When driving MaverickThe combination of buyer hunger, high quality light trucks, and unbeatable prices has led us to end our review with “The big question is whether Ford can build these things fast enough.” ..

For Maverick Hybrids, “fast enough” is not as fast as shoppers want. The first delivery of the 2022 model may occur soon this month. Meanwhile, non-hybrid Mavericks can still be ordered.Obviously not the same fuel economy, but packed with more power, providing all-wheel drive and higher Towing evaluation.

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2022 Ford Maverick hybrid production sold out

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