2022 Honda Passport TrailSport: Impostor Syndrome

I recently wrote about Honda’s new TrailSport trim. I theorized that it would go to the Ridgeline first and probably be a competitor to other brands of off-road truck trims (Shevy’s ZR, Ford’s FX4, etc.), and probably some light off-road Go to your passport as a featured trim.

“Light” turned out to be an understatement.

It’s all part of a passport refresh and you can see a five-seater SUV getting a more sturdy grill — like the Ridgeline. You also get another rear bumper with a larger exhaust cutout.

Choose TrailSport trim for a unique interior and exterior styling. You can also get what the press release calls “the skid garnish design is painted in silver to make it stand out.” What is that?We read it as an underbody paint that makes it look Like there is a skid plate. Besides that, you get unique badges and trim accents, 18-inch wheels and a wider track (10mm). The tires have sidewall treads to make them look more sturdy. You can also fold the mirror with the push of a button, and the windshield wiper will heat up to work even when it’s cold.


That’s it for off-road goods. Honda suggests that in the future, TrailSport models may get off-road tuned suspension or off-road tires.

That’s not enough. For now, the TrailSport package hits us as a poser package.

Other changes to the non-TrailSport passport are more consistent with renewals in the middle of the cycle. Rear seat reminders have been added to the safety technology suite, the EX-L and Elite Trims have acquired a new 20-inch wheel design, the EX-L has acquired different interior trims, and the HPD exterior package is available.


For clarity, I I like my passport When I drove a few years ago, I like the styling of the current generation. This update looks good to me in the photos as well. So I’m not just dismissing this Trailsport out of control.

But if Honda really wants to sell its customers on an off-road adventure, it has to do better than just play with a cynical look. A true off-road package includes skid plates, all-terrain rubber, special suspension tuning, and perhaps some electronic tricks via drive mode. Ford understood it correctly at the Bronco Sport Badlands. There is no reason why Honda can’t follow that lead.

Instead, they hit some badges and called it a day. Disappointed.

[Images: Honda]

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2022 Honda Passport TrailSport: Impostor Syndrome

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