2022 Jeep Wrangler Bicon Extreme Reconnaissance First Drive

Ford Has just returned to the 4×4 SUV pond with the introduction of Resurrected BroncoNevertheless, 2021 is already a year of fierce competition.Before Bronco Officially put into production, Jeep Answered Rubicon 392 with V8 engine And that Plug-in hybrid 4xe..And like Bronco New Sasquatch Package Jeep was about claiming its superiority, taking over Ford’s one-up manship attempt and unveiling its own 35-inch tire package.

The package is 2022 Jeep Wrangler Bicon Extreme Reconnaissance.. The Jeep actually made it available on the Rubicon and Rubicon 392 at the end of the 2021 model production, but the example is thin on the ground.Behold, the jeep has a package Also available at the Wrangler Willys 2022.

The Xtreme Recon package adds the new 4.56 to the beadlocked 17-inch wheels in addition to the 35-inch BF Goodrich KO2 all-terrain tires (LT315 / 70R17C).1 Factory 1.5 inch lift with axle ratio and new shock tuned for work.The total lift actually seems to be 2.0 inches more than the standard Rubicon, as the tires themselves contribute a bit. Wrangler Vehicle height. The Jeep also fits into the Xtreme Recons with a reinforced tailgate swingarm to prevent fatigue from heavier spares.

Additional ground clearances are, at least for now, approach angle (47.4 degrees), breakover angle (26.7 degrees), departure angle (40.4 degrees), ground clearance (12.9 inches), and water fording (33.6 inches). And they had the decency to invite us to an off-road park to show it off.

The Jeep event took place from September 25th to 26th, prior to the Detroit 4 Fest, which took over Hollyoaks ORV Park in southeastern Michigan. Motor BellaThe second preview date of was canceled due to the flood. September of the monsoon continued to change the shape of the park, even when we set foot in the park. It would be an understatement to say that things were a little sloppy.

Hollyoaks soil is like dusty gravel, which turns into sloppy potter’s clay as soon as you spit. After more than 5 inches of rain, the property looks like one huge bowl of half-melted chocolate ice cream.Mud is challenging the street, whether it’s KO2 in the corner or not truck, And Jeep planned a series of tests designed to give the feel of extra lift and big tires, without worrying about us spending half the time testing. Towing hook.

The already tattered hills got a lot of excitement from the Rubicon and Rubicon 392 teams. We chose the former, and thanked it, because the lighter nose made some soft slopes trivial that gave way under a heavier V8 powered truck. The Rubicon 4xe, which appeared as a support vehicle, also sacrificed its extra mass, hitting a fender-high puddle, and underneath it was lurking mud that enthusiastically removed combat boots.

The Xtreme Recon’s added ground clearance reduces many ground clearances, but the added height comes at a cost. Larger tires can’t swing as much as other Rubicon’s smaller and thinner products, and the additional resistance from the wide rubber adds extra weight to the wheel, especially when fully locked in tight spaces. Jeep doesn’t point out the Xtreme Recon’s rotating diameter, especially in the Wrangler’s tech spec, but it’s definitely a bit bigger. This is exacerbated by 4WD, and drivetrain bindings make it difficult to operate, especially in long wheelbase unlimited and tight. As a result, the Jeep segment best numbers require the smallest asterisks.

The Xtreme Recons may be impressive, but you’ll need to buy a 4-door.Ford dealer We’re happy to sell a 2-door Bronco in a Sasquatch package (if it’s cool to spend $ 20,000 on a car sticker that’s already thousands of miles away). Paper, we will probably replace that loft with Bronco’s smaller footprint. Jeep can easily solve this by offering a two-door Xtreme Recon, and we are confident that it will happen if there are enough customer questions.

An option for $ 3,995 regardless of the vehicle you add (Rubi, Rubi 392, Willys). Willis for Xtreme Recon only starts at $ 40,930 (including $ 1,495 for your destination). It certainly puts 35-inch tires within the reach of some of Jeep’s more modest customers, but unlike Ford’s Sasquatch package, Extreme Reconnaissance does not include a locking differential. Of course, these are standard at Rubycon, but they are not available at Willys as an option. For a dedicated off-road vehicle, it makes a two-door Sasquatch a much better purchase at a sticker price of $ 37,380. Pfft..Good luck that..

Our time at Xtreme Recon was short and we couldn’t sample it on the road where its drawbacks are expected to be even more pronounced, but the off-road advantage (or at least its appearance) without sacrifice. NS for those who want guarantee, It’s not a terrible deal.

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2022 Jeep Wrangler Bicon Extreme Reconnaissance First Drive

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