2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness’s coolest upgrade is here

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Subaru Outback is a natural park beside a million-dollar beach home in Connecticut, much like it crosses a campsite on Mount Hood. Most owners, regardless of where they live or their income, prefer the Outback’s practicality, comfort, and affordability to the ferocious pioneering hell.Is Outback wilderness Is the opposite. This is a version of Subaru’s Raptor, lifted and factory kitted to deal with more abuse in harsh terrain. We drove one near beautiful houses in Connecticut. Wilderness may look like an appearance package, but it’s completely intentional.

Wider clearance than most trucks and SUVs

Is Normal outback It’s 8.7 inches above the ground, more than many SUVs and full-size pickup trucks. Wilderness raises the covered body to 9.5 inches. This is one tenth higher than the Tacoma TRD Pro. It doesn’t chew the biggest rock, but its breakover and departure angles are about the same as Toyota’s. And on the street, it looks mean.

All-terrain tires

Subaru is equipped with several Yokohama Geolandar models, but this is a genuine set. All terrainThese tires contain a tread compound that bites harder with mud, mud and loose gravel. This particular Yokohama is one of the more street-friendly A / T tires, although it is generally noisy in exchange for on-road grip. I like the contrast of the white letter sidewalls to the 17-inch gloss black wheels.

Skids, fogs, hooks and other cladding

The plastic body cladding, which has been a feature of the Outback since 1995, is an important armor for off-road vehicles against brushes and branches that damage uncovered paint. In Wilderness, the cladding extends to the headlights and surrounds a dedicated mesh grille. Below are two LED fog lights with a Gatling gun pattern, an orange cap for an integrated tow hook, and a metal skid plate that protects the underbody.

There is a racing stripe

Technically, this matte decal is placed to reduce the sun from the hood. I’ve Durango Hellcat, I would like to see this graphic spread over the entire roof.

Heavy duty roof rail

It’s functional and is a sturdy metal rack with a load capacity of 700 pounds. The four yellow covers in each corner show the fixing hooks for a variety of accessories, such as rooftop camping tents for large numbers of people (which is why Subaru guarantees weight only when parked). Otherwise, on the move, the wilderness can move 220 pounds on its sturdy rails. Kayaker’s Note: To achieve maximum weight, Wilderness loses an integrated crossbar that rotates from the main rail.

More cladding, hooks, and badges

Like the front, the rear bumper cladding extends to the taillights and is also reformed towards a departure angle of approximately 2 degrees. The reflector moves from the bottom of the bumper to the top under the brake lights. After being covered in orange, there are two tow hooks, another skid plate under the rear differential, extra cladding on the wheel arch, and the right rear side mostly covers the gas cap. The Subaru badge, which is equivalent to the Jeep’s Trail Rated badge, is proudly placed on the tailgate and each front fender.

Sturdy floor mat

All four seats are fitted with custom rubber mats so you don’t have to go to the aftermarket. Undoubtedly, Subaru designers were inspired by the children’s scouting organization in creating the badge and the patterns that surround it.

Excellent cushioning than it looks

The outside is rugged, but the outback is gorgeous on the inside. The genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear selector are accented with orange, and the dash, door armrests and seats are stitched in orange. Most of these seats and other touch points are covered with StarTex, the name of Subaru’s synthetic leather. It is water resistant, easy to clean, and has a unique honeycomb texture for a luxurious feel. Bonus: The backseat of the backseat uses similar textures and fabrics, so your regular carpet won’t get dirty when folded.

Drive like a normal Outback with less grip and more movement

The outback’s dull steering and floating suspension remain, but the tire grip is significantly worse at the limit. Comfort is the king in this car. I haven’t measured the acceleration on the course yet, but it feels a bit faster. Subaru reduced the final drive ratio from 4.11: 1 to 4.44: 1 and readjusted the CVT. This is useful on trails, as Wilderness does not have a low range transfer case. The 2.4 liter flat four with turbocharger produces 277 lb-ft of torque at 2000 rpm and is a recommended engine for all Outback buyers to order. It’s a staple in the wilderness.

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2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness’s coolest upgrade is here

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