2023 BMW M3 Special Edition regains color from past M3


BMW’s M division has been around for 50 years and is now M3 To celebrate this milestone. Comes with a touch typical of the Anniversary Edition. BMW retro badge, Special wheels, and internal serialized plates. Its name is also a bite. 2023BMW M3Edition 50 Jahre BMW M. However, BMW has gone beyond its obligations by reviving the five paint colors available from each generation of the M3. Cinnabar Red is E30, Techno Violet is E36, Deep Interlagos Blue is E46, Fire Orange III is E92 Lime Rock Park Edition, and Lime Rock Gray is F80M3CS. Only 500 examples will come to the US, and all carry a starting price of $ 96,695-a premium of $ 8550 compared to equally equipped non-anniversary cars. Production is expected to begin in July 2022, according to BMW.

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Edition 50 Jahre BMW M car M3 competition xDriveThat means it comes with a 3.0-liter inline 6, 8-speed automatic transmission with a 503 horsepower twin turbocharger, and all-wheel drive.

I wish BMW had released photos in all five colors, but so far, only the Deep Interlagos Blue and Techno Violet options are depicted here.

The wheels have the same 826M design that can be used in the standard M3 competition, but finished in a special edition dark gray color. Customers can specify red, blue, or black brake calipers or choose a $ 8,150 carbon ceramic brake package.

The door sill has the “Edition 50 Jahre BMW M” logo and, of course, red and blue stripes.

Each M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M has a plaque decorated with plaques that indicate the number of series of 500 cars coming to the United States.

M stripes are also found on the front and rear headrests. M carbon bucket seats Seats are an option for $ 3,800.

A package specially made for M Die Hard will not be complete without a few branded stolen goods. Therefore, there is also a roller suitcase included in the special M3 purchase, with the same “50 Jahre” logo and red and blue stripes.

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2023 BMW M3 Special Edition regains color from past M3

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