2023 Ford Ranger Participates in Endurance Roadshow

Current 10th generation Ford Ranger In the 11th year of production, we are planning to meet the 11th generation in 2023. Unit Before the new year.Automakers continue teaser campaign with videos about new development and testing truck To prepare for more than 180 markets where it is sold. As explained by Pickup Chief Project Engineer John Willems, this is to strap the prototype to a lab machine like a professional decathlon and to withstand real-world scenarios to validate calculations. Meaning to add those prototypes to the cart all over the world.

Had a hot weather test Australia, Middle East, and North America prove that rangers do not wither from exhaustion, cold weather tests in New Zealand and North America show parts do not freeze, and safety system gets picked up in snow cover Make sure you can corner at speed.Durability test in progress at Ford Australia’s Lara Proving Ground complements Rangers’ findings, which are tied up 24 hours a day to “squeaky and rattling rigs” at Ford’s R & D center in Geelong, Australia.

Ford says the tests so far have been equivalent to a ranger’s total vehicle weight of over 775,000 miles of normal driving and nearly 390,000 miles of “rugged off-road durability testing.”

They will want to get it right Report in Ford Authority The upcoming ranger claims to continue production for eight years.In addition, what Ford is doing with medium-sized pickups must be met. Volkswagen Since the Ranger’s T6 architecture is shared, Amarok owners too VW Next-generation flagship pickup.

It looks like the next ranger Found in Thailand The renting family looks from the bigger one F-150 Smaller one Heretic.. We’ll look at the ranger for a while, but production of the ranger for the US market isn’t expected to begin until May 2023 at Ford’s Michigan assembly plant in preparation for the July 2023 launch date.

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2023 Ford Ranger Participates in Endurance Roadshow

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