21 dead, others hospitalized in Uvalde elementary school shooting – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2022-05-25 06:00:57 –

The archer was wearing a bulletproof vest and armed with a long rifle when he entered school by noon on Tuesday, officials said.

San Antonio — at least 21 people, including 19 children Killed by shooting At Rob Elementary School in Yuvarde, according to law enforcement officials. Some others, both students and adults, are being treated for injuries.

Local police confirmed that the shooter was also killed by a tactical agent on the scene after the shooter engaged in a shootout with law enforcement agencies. It is believed that the shooter acted alone. He is identified as 18-year-old Salvador Ramos.

A public safety official told KENS5 that the tragedy had two adult deaths. A teacher and Ramos’ grandmother, officials said he shot before going to school. According to DPS, he wore a bulletproof vest and was armed with a long rifle.

“We worked with the ATF, FBI, and multiple law enforcement agencies in the field to find out what kind of weapon this individual has, how he got it, and the motive behind this mass shooting. I’m trying to determine if there was, “said a DPS official.

Police officials said Tuesday evening that they were not looking for other suspects while the investigation was underway.

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The shooting began on Tuesday at 11:32 am at the Robb Elementary building, which houses students from grades 2 to 4, according to Uvalde officials. The shooting closed all campuses.

“Today was a pain,” Hal Harrell said in an evening update, adding that the rest of the school year was canceled and plans for the graduation ceremony and all other activities were put on hold.

Police officers in San Antonio and agents in Bexar County also sent resources to the scene on Tuesday.

An official at the Uvalde Memorial Hospital said 15 people had been transported to KENS5.

The other four victims – a 66-year-old woman and three girls between the ages of 9 and 10 – were taken to a university hospital in San Antonio. As of Tuesday evening, a 66-year-old woman and a 10-year-old child were in crisis there.

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There are two blood donation drives in San Antonio. click here For more information.Also announced some districts in the San Antonio area Changed security protocol The rest of the school year, depending on the shooting.

Governor Abbott first confirmed the dead around 3:30 pm. He later shared a message on Twitter.

“The Texas people are saddened by the victims of this meaningless crime and the Yuvalde community. Cecilia and I mourn this horrific loss and urge all Texas people to come together.”

Mayor of San Antonio Ron Nirenberg also tweeted his condolences.

President Joe Biden made a brief speech to the public on Tuesday evening. Make an emotional call About new restrictions on attacked firearms. He also instructed the victims to have the US flag half-masted until Saturday night.

Approximately 25,000 people live in Uvalde County, a close community located 85 miles west of San Antonio and 70 miles east of Del Rio’s US-Mexico border. According to the latest US Census data, about 73% of the population is Hispanic or Latin, and about 50% of residents live in homes where languages ​​other than English are spoken. Rob Elementary School is located in a residential area near the center of Yuvarde.

The Yuvarde Memorial Hospital is about 3.2 km from the school, but San Antonio University Hospital is the nearest Level 1 trauma center.

Family sharing a story

One woman said her nine-year-old grandson was shot in the foot and recovered.

“He goes,’Grandma, it sounded like fireworks.’ It was in his classroom,” she said. “I pray for all the children taken to this slaughterer. He took the life of the teacher, and all these families are at a loss for everything that happened. ”

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Another woman wanted information about her niece, Iliana Torres. She has not been contacted by her family since her shooting.

“I just hope my little kid is okay,” she said. “I believe in the power of her prayer and she wants to tell her that she’s okay, and she tells her that she’s okay and she’s going home. To go.”

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The girl’s mother was taken to the back of the school by police because she could identify her daughter as one of the victims, but it wasn’t her. For investigators and their families, tackling the identification of ashes is a very difficult process. The family, still waiting at the Yuvarde Civic Center, told us that they are providing DNA to support the process.

The Texas Rangers are leading the shooting investigation. This process was expected to continue in elementary school for the next few days.


21 dead, others hospitalized in Uvalde elementary school shooting Source link 21 dead, others hospitalized in Uvalde elementary school shooting

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