$229 million to combat homelessness – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-09-16 01:05:01 –

Denver — Mayor Michael Hancock 2022 budget plan, He spent nearly $ 230 million to combat the visibly changing and growing homelessness problem in the city.

The proposal was published on the same day as one of the city’s largest and most prominent homeless people. Civic Center Park Encampment It was removed.

In terms of budget, $ 190 million will be raised from the city’s general resources, the US Relief Program, and other dedicated funds, and $ 39 million will be raised from the proposed 2021 bond package.

Money is divided into many initiatives. About half will be dedicated to building, upgrading and refurbishing shelters and homes for people to live in. The other half focuses on outreach, service and safety. Approximately $ 24 million will be concentrated on campsites, including quick rehouses and safe outdoor spaces.

“We saw [homelessness] “We’re growing exponentially in the last few years,” Hancock said in a discussion about the budget on Wednesday. “We’re doing more to help unprotected people in our city. We will focus on building and acquiring hotels and motels in our small home village and safe outdoor space, and a safe parking space for those who need a temporary landing place.

He also outlines the renewal of homeless services in the city.

“We have a new team of professionals working to prioritize the review and approval of projects for affordable housing through the city,” Hancock said.

The homeless population is growing significantly in this city. This problem becomes more apparent as homeless sweeps push people on the streets of the city.

“These are complex and complex problems, but we believe we can. I think we can actually get to the root of the problem,” said Denver Councilor Jamie Torres. rice field. “We continue to spend money there and probably still need it, but for those who have their own bathrooms, there are also options for having doors, closets for people Is required.”

Torres says he will focus on investments that help people on the street find their own solutions. She says the solution works only with the help of both residential and non-residential Denver residents.

“I can get someone out of my sidewalk, but if I have nowhere to go, they go to my neighbor’s sidewalk somewhere else in my district,” Torres said. “We really have to provide a place for them to get the services they need and put them in permanent housing.”

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