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The state of Maharashtra in India is one destination where one can find adventures of all genres. Ancient monuments, natural beauty, parks, important temples etc. constitute a major chunk of its area. The city of Nasik housed in Maharashtra is famous as one of the holiest cities in the whole of India. Thus, one can say that Maharashtra was a land of saints and mystics. An entire structure dedicated to the teachings of meditation in here is the Global Pagoda. Global Pagoda a large number of visitors throughout the year. People comes here for various reasons. Some come in the hope of learning the elements of meditation while others come to seek answers to their distress. No matter what the cause, a visit here is worth it.

More about Global Pagoda

Global Pagoda was built as a token of gratitude towards a Vipassana teacher and Accountant General of independent Burma, Sayagi U Ba Khin. The primary objective behind the construction of this structure is to celebrate the teachings of Buddha. The entire meditation hall is built in the Buddhist architectural style. Global Pagoda carries out the famous Vipassana Meditation. Through these meditation practices Global Pagoda tries to spread the word of Buddha and show people how he had removed misery and sorrow from the lives of people.

Historical Background of Global Pagoda

The idea of constructing the Global Pagoda was proposed by Shri S. N. Goenka in order to revive the teaching of Buddha. Over the years the path of complete salvation i.e. Dhamma was being forgotten and was taken over by religious dogmas. People were becoming slaves of their own rules and this was the reason behind their misery. In order to restore these teachings it was high time that a structure of this magnitude which imparted the gospels of enlightened souls was put in light. The planning of Global Pagoda started in the year 1997 and was finally executed in 2000.

Architecture of Global Pagoda

Global Pagoda is built in the Buddhist architectural style across 13 acres of land. Elements of Burmese architecture are also included in this very structure. These architectural elements are put as a sign of gratitude towards Myanmar for preserving the practice of Vipasana Meditation.

Global Pagoda is a replica of the Golden Pagoda situated in Myanmar. The pagoda is dome shaped and has elements of both ancient and modern architecture and technology. The dome is made out of sandstone brought from Rajasthan. The foundation of the Global Pagoda is made out of basalt rocks. The entire structure is painted in gold and the spire is adorned with decorative pieces. It is in the shape of an umbrella. The interior of the pagoda is hollow and serves as the meditation hall. The meditation hall can accommodate up to 800 people. Global Pagoda is embellished further with a crystal on top. These beautiful elements give a unique edge to this structure. A visit here will definitely be a memorable experience.

 A Tourist’s Guide

Global Pagoda is open on all days of the week from9 am to 6:30 pm. Entry is not ticketed here. It is located near Gorai which is in North-West of Mumbai. In order to enter the premises of this structure one has to carry a valid identification card. One can easily hail public transport facilities like buses, auto, cabs, local trains etc. to reach this place from any part of the city. The nearest railway station from here is Borivali Railway Station. The nearest airport from Global Pagoda is Mumbai Airport. Accommodation is also easily available in the city of Mumbai. One can choose from the wide array of hotel options according to ones needs.

Global Pagoda is one place which fits in the true definition of tranquility. This institution lets the visitor taste the fruits of meditation which is of 10 min before fully enrolling into the courses offered here. The various meditation courses offered here includes beginner course, 10-day executive course, old student’s short term course, advanced courses and children’s course.

Global Pagoda aims at teaching common people a form of meditation which helps in achieving purification of the human mind. It is one of the effective methods of meditation which helps one to relieve oneself from the cycle of birth and rebirth. This is known as Vipasana Meditation. The ones who get well versed in carrying out this experience ultimate divine pleasure. That feeling is unfathomable. Global Pagoda aims at teaching people the technique of achieving ultimate peace. So, the ones who are on the spiritual side or are inquisitive about life and death must visit this place once in their lifetime.

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