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In 2020, two giant rappers, 24kGoldn and DaBaby, teamed up to conclude the year with “Coco.” “Coco” is a song about the fight against “shawties” who suddenly love them now that they are superstars.

4 weeks from 2021 24kGoldn I decided to finish this year with high evaluation. Bay Area rappers won the spot this year with the 2020 banner. XXL Hit the top with freshman class Billboard Hot 100 with “Mood”, his collaboration Iann Dior.. 20-year-old hip-hop sensation dropped a new track featuring “COCO” instead of relying on his success another 2020 Chart Topper (and 2019 XXL Freshman) Dababy..

Like “Mood”, “Coco” sees 24kGoldn frustrated with relationships. “What the hell, why shy Trina tests me?” He raps genius.. “Turn over too much behind the jet stream (Yeah) / I can’t wear a cuff, but she’s trying to arrest me / Rin to impress me, die to forget me.” The theme-a woman who doesn’t give time when Goldon started, but suddenly became his biggest fan now that he’s famous-returns to DaBaby’s poetry. “Don’t call her so nice (oh, no) / Double C on the belt correlates with the blow of ice (bling, bling) / Gettin’It’s very unlikely to know me now /’Cause I still remember the times when people like you didn’t like me, b-tch.

Think of it as a 24kGoldn Victory Lab, even if “COCO” doesn’t recreate the success of a previously released song (Golden Landisphone Jones) And DaBaby (Jonathan Kirk). “Mood” like Goldn’s 2019 hit “Valentino” explodes on TikTok and acts as the first single on his next album. El Dorado. “Mood” debuted at number 84. Billboard Hot 100, spent 10 weeks climbing to number one in late October.It stayed there from October 24th to November 28th, except for the week it was robbed Ariana GrandePosition of”.Because it got bigger J Balvin And Justin Bieber They jumped at the remix because they wanted some of the action.

In a year without longevity En VogueSpending songs on the Hot 100 for over a week was a fruit in itself. DaBaby’s success in “Rockstar,” a collaboration with another Hot 100 chart topper, is a feat. Roddy Ricch.. “Rockstar” recorded a five-week streak of wins with revolving doors in first place. Scotts, Doja Cat Feet Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande Feet Justin Bieber, Megan Thee Stallion Feet Beyonce,and Lady Gaga Ariana Grande passed the number one crown until DaBaby stole her own crown.He grabbed it a few weeks ago 6ix9ine Thanks to Barbs, he secured his first number one hit before DaBaby regained the top spot.

From 24kGoldn, “Water Runs Dry” and DaBaby’s Chelsea Collins video (Quinn Tucker for Quasar Media / AP Images)

When the “mood” jumped to the top of the Hot 100, it did more than certify the 24kGoldn as the next big thing. It also showed a change of generations. Second place was “So I” Billie EilishAnd for the first time in history, the top two Hot 100s were dominated by artists born in the 2000s. Billy was born in 2001 and Goldon was born a year earlier.

It was 24kGoldn in 2020, but it looks more promising next year. “I’ve been working on my album, El Dorado,” He said concept. “This is my first album. I feel like it’s almost over. I have two more slots to fill, but with 10 really good songs, it’s very difficult to fill the last three. If the new song isn’t the same as or better than the 10 songs you created earlier, you have to put it in the trash. “

“There [are] I’m definitely making a song that I like, so it may not be a hit, but I’ll still release it, “Goldon said. Cool accident May. “When I’m listening to my music or projects shuffled on Spotify or Apple Music, I have something to say or a specific emotion, emotion, or scenario that I want people to think and feel. Hit, you know I don’t want to make music that I don’t want to listen to, and I like the songs that I like the most, so I feel like everyone feels the same way. “

24kGoldn Recruits DaBaby to End 2020 with New Song “COCO” – Hollywood Life

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