25 things you don’t know about me

Let him introduce himself while he has time to kill!Despite playing the leading role in descendants With the franchise Get to the finale Masked singerThere are still many Cheyenne Jackson That fan doesn’t know — but now he’s spilling all his secrets exclusively We weekly..

Broadway veteran, especially 46 years old Call me cat, Julie and Phantom, Gree When American Horror Story — The latter he co-starred with Lady Gaga..

“I love Gaga” Jackson Said before We October 2019.. “We remain friends. She’s just great … and she’s grounded, cool and great. I’m Never done a nude scene [before AHS].. I was 40 years old and thought “I’m going here”. And she is happy with the nudity. “are you OK!”

Cheyenne Jackson Sara De Boer /startraksphoto.com

He’s a beloved dad when Washington natives don’t belt musical numbers or tackle dramatic monologues Five-year-old twins Willow and EthanHe shares with her husband, Jason Landow..

“They are incredible,” Jackson spewed out about his little children during his November 2021 appearance. E!Daily pop of news.. “we Don’t stop thinking about them.. I drop off at school and literally sit in the parking lot and look at the pictures. I just dropped them! “

Scroll down and American woman Alum:

1. My favorite training is All Peloton classes Taught by Jess King.. She motivates you to do anything.

2. My favorite song I sang Masked singer It was “Raco Paderavida”. Ricky [Martin] Is a friend and he thought it was the best idea!

3. I love my kids Descendants 3 When Masked singer, So I’m a really cool dad right now. They will understand within a few years I’m not, but for now, I’m the coolest!

4. The strangest day I spent on the set American Horror Story was When naked in bed with Lady Gaga [depicting] I’m the biggest fan of Gaga, so it’s 3P.she was Very comfortable to be naked Than me.

5. People get confused Matt Bomer And I always. I’m not angry with it. Matt looks like a statue. One of the target women didn’t believe me when I told her she wasn’t him.

6. People always say that they seem taller than I see on TV.

7. Only once AHS, Angela Bassett I had to sprint, jump over me in the air and bite my neck. Having her without rehearsals was just surreal for her to run and leap to me. She told her, “Don’t drop the American treasure Angela Bassett.”

8. My The first car was the 1981 Cherry Red Chevrolet Citation hatchback.

9. My favorite late night treat is granola cereal in a huge bowl of milk. [while] look Beverly Hills Real Housewife..

10. The role of my dream stage is Sweeney Todd.

11. My most embarrassing moment on stage When the pants tear the seams four times Running. #BigButtProblems

12. Pre-show rituals include warming up vocals, revisiting the script, caffeine, and constantly brushing your teeth as the last thing before going out.

13. The best parenting advice I have ever received Children need strict boundaries because it makes them feel safe, free and expressive.

14. My best parenting advice is [that hiring] The first night nurse to help put children on a sleep schedule is the best investment on the planet.

15. I don’t karaoke. So far.

16. I Most star truck When I was singing “Sodomy” hair When Meryl Streep At the Public Theater Benefits of New York City.

17. My favorite musical is Gypsy.

18. My dream duet partner is always Gaga.

19. My Growing celebrity crash It was the Dukes of Hazzard. Also. Or both.

20. The best advice I have ever received was “They won, you lost, move on”.

21. My favorite wardrobe item is my Alo sweatpants.

22. On a typical Sunday, you can find me hanging out in the pool with my kids.

23. The best meal I make is a killer waffle. (I can’t cook.)

24. The best gifts I have received from children are those made by them.

25. The performer I respected most for growing up George Michael.. I looked like him and wanted to hear him.

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25 things you don’t know about me

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