Regiment of Artillery Museum

                         Regiment of Artillery Museum

Regiment of Artillery Museum is one of the best museums in the state of Maharashtra. It is situated near the biggest artillery museum in Asia. This museum houses a vast array of military equipment. Regiment of Artillery Museum is an expansive two storeyed structure. There exists both vintage and modern military weapons. A visit to this place is highly informative. One gets to explore the unexplored here. It is a paradise for people who are interested in military weapons. One gets to witness an array of weapons all housed at one place when in here.

More about Regiment of Artillery Museum

Regiment of Artillery Museum enjoys the perks of being situated at a wonderful location. It is situated behind the ancient Pandavleni Caves. It is also masked at the foothills of the Sahyadri Mountain Range. The panoramic view of the mountains exhibited from Regiment of Artillery Museum is worth being explored. The rest of the area apart from the museum is restricted for outsiders. It is under the control of Indian Military and various training programs are carried out in the nearby artillery centre.

History related to Regiment of Artillery Museum

Regiment of Artillery Museum holds the history of the sacrifice of the Indian soldiers. The famous Kargil war of 1999 did indeed result in India’s victory but there were various support systems in the country which ensured its victory. One of them was the artillery centre at Nasik. It had supplied vital artillery materials for the war.

Things to explore in Regiment of Artillery Museum

Regiment of Artillery Museum is popular amongst tourists. When in here one can get a taste of pictures of historical events, guns, canons, tanks, paintings, military agreements, jets etc.

This property is well maintained by the concerned authorities. Every procedure is carried put in a systematic manner in here. The surrounding areas of Regiment of Artillery Museum has beautiful lawns. One can sit here and chat after exploring the museum with friends and family.

Regiment of Artillery Museum very well depicts the artillery evolution of India. It takes one back to the Mughal period. Various weapons belonging to that era as well as the British Colonial era are housed in here. They are exhibited with detailed information about their structure, usage and role during wars. So, one gets a very clear idea of how war machinery developed with years and how it was influenced by various foreign forces.

This museum also exhibits cannons. They are placed with description of mission in which they were used. The sight of such majestic weapons of war does seem enthralling to the visitors.

Regiment of Artillery Museum also houses various interesting documents. These include surrender letters, agreements, career maps of army generals etc. In addition to this this museum houses information about the formation of Bangladesh and tit bits of the Pakistan War in the year 1971. This interests visitors who are interested in history and in world politics.

This museums entertains its visitors with short films on various battles fought by the Indian army. In this way Regiment of Artillery Museum does educates the masses about the achievements of our soldiers and the amount of sweat and blood they shed in order to keep us safe. This in itself is wonderful trend carried out by this museum.

A visit to Regiment of Artillery Museum is a boon to the visitors. The museum conducts light and sound show of a duration of 45 min in its premises.

There is a military store nearby which sells ornaments and relics related to the Indian army. One can buy a souvenir for oneself from here and also gifts for near and dear ones.

A Tourist’s Guide

Regiment of Artillery Museum is open on all days of the week except on Mondays. It is open from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Entry is ticketed here at Rs.15 per person. If you are planning to visit this place then don’t forget to carry copies of your identity proof. One cannot take pictures in the museum without permission.

Regiment of Artillery Museum is very well connected to all the popular cities in Maharashtra. The location of this place is easily approachable by road. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road Railway Station. One can find a range of hotels in Nasik.

Regiment of Artillery Museum is a must go spot in Nasik. It is a place which has the potential to ignite flames of patriotism in the hearts of the visitors.

Vaagisha Singh

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