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Fresno, California 2021-09-21 06:50:04 –

According to the company, a second dose of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine will lead to stronger prophylaxis two months after the first dose.

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New data released in a press release add increased evidence suggesting that booster shots may enhance vaccine protection against breakthrough infections-experts say all three vaccines are more serious illnesses. I agree that they are still doing their job to protect them from.

Compared to the Pfizer and Modana vaccines, the Johnson & Johnson single-shot vaccine was always slightly less effective. The maximum efficacy of Pfizer and Moderna two-shot vaccines for symptomatic treatment was 95% and 94%, respectively.

However, two Johnson & Johnson shots every two months gave a similarly high level of effectiveness. In the United States, it has 94% protection against symptomatic infections and 100% protection against severe illnesses.

As Pfizer’s booster shots are being prepared for a formal review from the Food and Drug Administration and Moderna will soon follow, new data will indicate whether additional shots are appropriate for the approximately 14.9 million people who received Johnson. May Affect Regulatory Decisions on Appropriateness & Johnson Vaccines.

All three currently licensed vaccines are still working well to dramatically reduce the risk of hospitalization, but months have passed and with the advent of new COVID-19 mutants, the vaccines are milder. Has lost the ability to prevent breakthrough infections.

The new Johnson & Johnson data also raises the question of when to give additional shots for the country’s only single-shot vaccine. New data explaining boost immunity after 2 months found a significant increase in antibody levels. However, previous data already published showed that booster shots 6 months after the first dose resulted in even higher antibody levels.

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“At the two-month booster interval, the antibody titer increased four-fold, but after six months, booster immunization increased the antibody titer 12-fold,” said Dan Barouch. The Virology and Vaccine Research Center at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where the lab helped develop the J & J vaccine, told ABC News.

“This suggests that boosters could be even more effective when given at a later point in time,” Bharuch said.

Regulators need to weigh the available evidence to determine the appropriate timing for boosters of all three vaccines.

In a prepared statement, Dr. Paulstfels, Chief Scientific Officer of J & J, said that single-shot vaccines provide “strong and long-term protection” while being “easy to use, distribute and manage.” “. , “We have generated evidence that booster shots are expected to further strengthen our defenses against COVID-19 and significantly extend our defenses.”

According to Bharuch, “The data support a single-shot vaccine as the basis for providing robust and durable protection, but giving a boost after 2-6 months increases the immune response. , The protection is enhanced to a very high level. ”

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2nd dose of J&J COVID-19 vaccine after 2 months results in 94% protection, company says Source link 2nd dose of J&J COVID-19 vaccine after 2 months results in 94% protection, company says

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