3.7 quake strikes off California coast – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-03-03 01:37:44 –

San Francisco, CA: Authorities said a small earthquake reaching magnitude 3.7 was felt along the Central Coast of California after midnight on Sunday.

The US Geological Survey has reported four earthquakes 12 miles south-southeast of Lopez Point.They struck between midnight and 6 am

Authorities have identified the location of the earthquake at the offshore San Simeon fault, which constitutes the larger San Andreas Fault system.

Only a handful of residents reported feeling the earthquake, and no injuries were reported.

As the San Francisco Chronicle reported, “This really reminds us that we live in an earthquake-prone country and earthquakes are always happening around here,” said USGS seismologist Annemarie Baltay.

The quake occurred in an area near Big Sur, where Highway 1 was being rebuilt after it was washed away in January. Authorities said work would continue as planned.

Small earthquakes occurred within a few weeks of the recently reported large earthquakes in California, including the Bay Area.

“We expect two-thirds of the chances of a major earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area over the next 20 years, so we need to be prepared for a major earthquake,” says Baltay. “Make a plan. Know what you are trying to do. Have spare food and water and talk to your family.”

3.7 quake strikes off California coast Source link 3.7 quake strikes off California coast

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