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3 defendants in Baton Rouge slaying set free; victim’s father asks ‘is this justice in America?’ | Courts – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-11-30 16:15:00 –

For the past five and a half years, Alex Trejos has wanted the justice of his murdered son, Jesse, who was deadly shot in the Round Oak section of the Baton Rouge.

Instead, what he got this week was that the East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office had dismissed all charges against the three men accused of killing his 20-year-old son.

The dismissal left the family “extremely confused and upset,” Trejos said.

District attorney Hiller Moore III said Tuesday that his office hopes to develop additional information “so that we can seek justice for this victim and his family.”

Prairieville’s Justin Michael Gill Broud (26), Taylor Paul Besson (26), and Caleb Rainey (28) are in possession for a second murder, armed robbery, and distribution. He was scheduled to be tried on Monday on suspicion of an attempt. Marijuana, and the obstruction of justice.

On May 18, a 20-year-old man was killed in Baton Rouge, and a man in Ascension Parish and two men in La Forche Parish were indicted …

However, when state district judge Eboni Johnson-Rose called for the defendant’s name, the prosecutor announced that the charges against each man had been dismissed.

“It’s been five and a half years and now there’s nothing,” Alex Trejos said in an interview on Tuesday.

The East Baton Rouge Security Office reports that Besson was driving a truck on May 18, 2016, and Rainey and Blaud picked up Jesse Trejos and drove to buy illegal drugs. I did.

After purchasing the drug, the group returned to Kindle Tree Drive in Trehos’s subdivision, where Blaud and Trehos fought over Trehos’ backpack, the report said. Blaud reportedly shot Trejos, took a bag and escaped from the area on foot.

But Blaud’s lawyer, Tommy Damiko, said Tuesday that Blaud didn’t fight Trejos over his backpack and wasn’t a shooter and wasn’t in the car when the ammunition was fired.

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“My client told a consistent story of exempting himself,” Damiko said.

Trejos believes the prosecutor was not ready to appear in court and file a proceeding.

“We have three guys on the truck, my son was shot and killed by these animals, and all three walk freely,” he said. “What about this justice in America? Are DA offices capable of doing their job?”

A 20-year-old Baton Rouge man died shortly after arriving at a Baton Rouge hospital on Wednesday night with a single gunshot wound.

Moore said further scientific testing provided more conclusive evidence of the shooter’s most likely location, which is inconsistent with the “contradictory self-serving statement” previously provided by the defendant. He said he was doing it.

“At this point, the indictment was dismissed based on our standards of proof and ethical obligations, and our belief that prima facie prima facie proof to the unanimous jury is not possible. “The district attorney said.

Moore did not rule out the possibility of criminal accusations “when more reliable information becomes available” in the future.

He also said that he cannot imagine the frustration that the Trejos family has experienced since Jesse’s death.

“Family should not have to endure the violent murder of a loved one and years of proceedings to end without some sort of closure,” Moore said. “Unfortunately, based on the evidence and statements available, this was our only course of action.”

According to Trejos, Wednesday was Jesse’s 26th birthday.

3 defendants in Baton Rouge slaying set free; victim’s father asks ‘is this justice in America?’ | Courts Source link 3 defendants in Baton Rouge slaying set free; victim’s father asks ‘is this justice in America?’ | Courts

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