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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-10-27 22:22:00 –

Atlanta (CBS46)-Three major universities in Georgia have issued vaccination obligations to faculty, according to a letter sent to workers this week.

This move occurs when state leaders are expected to legally challenge federal vaccine obligations.

CBS46 contacted Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University When University of Georgia However, neither published an official comment on their announcement. However, CBS46 was able to confirm the vaccine requirements from a letter sent to staff on Tuesday.

“If we were to meet the December 8 deadline, the time would be ticking,” said Janet Flick. Professor UGA is one of hundreds of staff who received an email outlining that schools comply with federal obligations by implementing their own university obligations, and educational institutions are funded and subsidized by hundreds of millions of federal funds. He states that he depends on money.

According to Moderna, the Covid-19 vaccine was well tolerated and provided a strong immune response in children aged 6-11 years.

Similar expressions were used to notify GSU and GATech faculty members. This is a big change for all three schools that didn’t even have to mask.

Flick remembers when some of her colleagues quit because they believed they were lacking in safety measures.

“The board basically said,” No, UGA is not allowed to have a vaccine obligation. It is not allowed to impose a mask obligation. ” Students cannot be required to wear a mask in their office. “

Currently, according to the Vaccine Obligation Letter, not only workers have to shoot, but schools set masking rules according to CDC guidelines.

But professors say they are still confused about who will be exempt under mandate.

Supreme Court judges may have fulfilled vaccine obligations that some judges dislike

In fact, the government will be more in the coming weeks to understand whether all staff need to be vaccinated, paid directly or only staff involved in federal-funded projects. He explained that many directions will be announced.

“It took until October 26th to get communication about it, and what we got wasn’t clear who was covered and who wasn’t.” “COVID-19 says it’s over. There are people, but things are getting better, but everyone thought it would be June, “she continued.

“I don’t think we can rest peacefully until the vaccination rate is much higher,” she added.

The FDA’s Vaccine Advisor voted to recommend Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine to children aged 5 to 11 years

Governor Brian Kemp The state has repeatedly stated that it challenges federal missions in all legal action. CBS46 has contacted the Governor’s Office, but is waiting for comments on the possibility of proceedings.

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3 major Georgia universities are issuing vaccine mandates for faculty | News Source link 3 major Georgia universities are issuing vaccine mandates for faculty | News

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