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$3 million in grant funds set to go to Tri-County tech students for COVID-19 relief – Valley Stream, New York

Valley Stream, New York 2021-01-12 19:47:29 –

Pendleton, South Carolina (WSPA) – Students at some Tri-County Technical Colleges may have already seen additional money in their accounts this semester. This is due to the $ 3 million stimulus grant awarded to the school.

University representatives said funding would be a game changer for many struggling students.

“Eligibility goes first to those in need. Therefore, the suggestion from the Ministry of Education is to consider people with Pell Grant eligibility, that is, low-income or large-family, low-income people. That’s why we’re giving out money in stages, as we did in the spring, so we’re going to those who need more money, “said the director of financial assistance at Tri-County Technical College. One Melanie Gillespie said.

The $ 3 million will be distributed to approximately 3,500 eligible students. This means that nearly half of the students on campus may be eligible for funding if they meet certain requirements. The COVID-19 Relief Grant can be used for tuition, meals, housing, childcare, teaching materials, technology, medical care and more. This funding is part of the 2021 Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplement Budget Act (CRRSA) enacted in late December. Jacquline Jeter said the money would help her struggle all year round.

“Well, at first I didn’t expect to receive anything because it seemed to be rejected every time I applied for something. Of course, I’m a single mother, so when I heard that, anyway I said I was going to take a picture, so when I took it, I was really surprised that it was accepted, “Jetter said.

Tri-County Tech is Upstate’s first school to make funds available to students before they are handed over.

“I was really depressed and trying to go to school, so it really helped me back then. Of course, when life happens, you discourage doing a lot. So it actually discourages me. It helped me a lot, “Jeter said.

Tri-County Tech said that students who meet certain criteria and are Pell Grant recipients will receive $ 1,000. Those who meet the criteria and are not Pell Grant recipients will receive either $ 625 or $ 360.

“It’s very easy to understand the need for a number of phone calls from students who are thinking about not stopping and continuing their education because of their household budget. Many students lose their jobs and meet their basic needs. We can’t provide it, much less come up with the additional money left in the student’s account, “said Gillespie. “Students say this is a blessing. We are very excited about this opportunity for students. Many students say they can’t attend this semester without funding.” She added.

“I had books that still had to be paid, books that still had to be paid, and additional material, so if you are a student or someone and you are trying to succeed, you decide and things keep crashing Down, it’s a mountain hill above another. I felt discouraged and discouraged, “Jetter said.

Jeter, who is now a nursing student and is about to graduate, is pleased that Tri-County Tech has provided this assistance to finish her college experience.

“Life is hard when someone like me or anyone else wants to continue, give it a try, but sometimes I just want to give up, so I’m just grateful. And when it’s dispersed, I’m recovering and letting me know that there are people on my side who can support us as students, “Jeter added.

To be eligible for the COVID-19 Relief Grant, students must meet the following criteria:

⦁ Students are required to enroll in the Tri-County Technical College in the spring semester of 2021. (The deadline for admission in the spring semester is January 13th.)

⦁ Students must also be eligible for Federal Title IV and meet the following requirements:
⦁ Completed the Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) 2020-2021 Free Application, which has completed all requirements and demonstrated financial needs
⦁ Have a high school qualification
⦁ Meet the requirements for satisfactory academic performance: GPA 2.0 or higher. Maintain a completion rate of 67% or higher.Complete your diploma / diploma / certificate within 150% of the required program time
⦁ Register for the target learning program
DACA, double enrollment, temporary, non-degree, and I-BEST students are not eligible for the COVID-19 Relief Grant.

Tri-County Tech also said it has secured emergency funding to assist students in more than what was provided through the grant. If you need help, you will need to complete your online application or contact your financial assistance office.

$3 million in grant funds set to go to Tri-County tech students for COVID-19 relief Source link $3 million in grant funds set to go to Tri-County tech students for COVID-19 relief

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