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Portland, Oregon 2021-05-28 12:04:51 –

Seattle (AP) — Five weeks after former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of killing George Floyd, three Washington police officers were charged with the murder of Manuel Ellis.

Washington state prosecutor Bob Ferguson charged white police officers Christopher Burbank and Matthew Collins with second-class murder on Thursday after reporting that witnesses had attacked Ellis without prosecution.

Asian Timothy Rankin has been accused of first-class manslaughter. He has been accused of kneeling on Ellis’ back and shoulders because he died of lack of oxygen. Explanation of possible causes Submitted to the Pierce County Superior Court.

All three were detained by Thursday night and were to be prosecuted on Friday. Their lawyer did not respond to the message asking for comment.

Ellis, 33, died on March 3, 2020.

A coroner in Pierce County said Ellis’s death was a murder due to lack of oxygen due to restraint, due to cardiac hypertrophy and methamphetamine poisoning.

With this death, Ellis’s name became synonymous with a plea for justice in protests in the Pacific Northwest. His last words- “I can’t breathe, sir!” — Captured by a home security camera, as did a counter-argument from one of the police officers: “(expexpexp defeat) Shut up, man.”

A woman passes in front of a mural in honor of Manuel “Manny” Ellis in the Hilltop district of Tacoma, Washington, on Thursday, May 27, 2021. Ellis died on March 3, 2020, after being detained by a police officer. Early Thursday morning, the Washington state prosecutor’s chief prosecutor filed criminal charges against three police officers for the death of Ellis. (AP Photo / Ted S. Warren)

Citing a video recorded by three witnesses, a statement of presumed cause that “Eris was not fighting back” is stated.

This is the first time the Attorney General’s office has charged police officers with illegal use of weapons.

Five Tacoma police officers are on paid leave until a decision to prosecute, and Mr Ferguson said the investigation is ongoing.

The Tacoma Police Union called this decision a “politically motivated witch hunt.”

“A fair jury does not allow these talented civil servants to be sacrificed at the altar of public opinion,” the union said in a statement.

Burbank and Collins reported that the encounter began after seeing Ellis trying to get into a car occupied by a red light. Ellis, who recently returned from church, was walking to a convenience store to buy a late-night snack. A powdered donut with raspberries.

According to a statement from another police officer quoted in the accusation document, the police officer nominated Ellis as an attacker and said she had hit the cruiser’s window and attacked as she escaped.

However, two witnesses brought up the same story, saying the police had attacked. A police officer on the passenger side of the police car slammed Ellis’s door, knocked it down, and began beating him.

Witnesses explained that they saw a casual exchange between the policeman and Ellis before Burbank hit the door of Ellis’s car, as the policeman explained to others that night. There was no sudden random attack by Ellis. “

Sheriff Ed Troyer of Pierce County said he was a detective and spokesman for the Sheriff’s office at the time, but no police officer had knees on his neck or head after Ellis’ death. However, the witness video that was revealed later seemed to show exactly that. According to the billing documents, Rankin knelt at the base of Ellis’ neck.

The sheriff’s office failed the initial investigation because it did not reveal for three months that one of the agents was involved in Ellis’ detention. State law requires an independent investigation. The Washington State Patrol took over, and the Attorney General’s Office reviewed the evidence and conducted its own additional investigation.

In a statement, Interim Tacoma Police Chief Mike Ake said the agency would investigate the case for disciplinary action, training, or policy changes that could be justified.

“We recognize that we need to reduce the consequences of causing pain and reducing trust within the community.”

Ellis had a history of mental illness and addiction. In September 2019, he attempted a robbery at a fast food restaurant and was found naked. The deputy sheriff refused to keep him sitting on the ground, appealed to law enforcement agencies, and then subdued him with a taser gun.

The landlord of the sober house he was staying in told the Seattle Times that he’s been doing well in the last few months after being treated for schizophrenia. He frequently attends church and worships. I was active as a drummer in the band.

At a press conference on Thursday, Ellis’ family welcomed the charges, but called for further efforts to thoroughly review the criminal justice system. The family is seeking $ 30 million in a proceeding against the city.

“The criminal system needs to be rebuilt from the head, but get rid of everything,” said Ellis’ mother, Marcia Carter Patterson. She said, “This is about Manuel Elijah Elijah. This is his work. So please help us.”

Ellis’s death, the failure of Pierce County’s investigation, and national protests against racial justice have given Governor Jay Insley a task force that suggests ways to ensure an independent review of police use of murder power. It was an opportunity to convene.

Last week, Insley signed one of the country’s most ambitious police accountability packages, including a police choke hold, neck detention, and a complete ban on the use of no-knock warrants. Make it easier to revoke police accreditation and create a separate office to investigate murder cases.

Indicted police officers may face life imprisonment if convicted, but the standard range of judgment is manslaughter for 10 to 18 years of unprecedented second-class murder. 6.5 to 8.5 years for sin.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, all three were formerly in the Army and all were trained in crisis intervention as police officers. Collins (38) and Burbank (35) were officers for four years each by March 2020 after eight years in the Army. Rankin, 32, joined the US State Department in 2018 after six years in the Army and worked as a US State Department security contractor for two years.

Police reform activists have long lamented the large number of former soldiers in the civilian sector. They said they tend to be more aggressive than they need to be.

3 officers face arraignment in Manuel Ellis’ restraint death Source link 3 officers face arraignment in Manuel Ellis’ restraint death

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