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Alex Verdugo and Kike Hernandez were too few to smile about this season, for a variety of reasons, but too few productions from them. John Tormacki / Globe Staff


At the end of October, hitting coach Tim Hyers Depart from the Red Sox For new challenges.It’s after all Texas RangersHoping that the reconstruction will be realized, he could be a new voice of rising outlook.

The logical jump was obvious, and the Red Sox attack became a crater months after being switched to Peter Fatoshi.

Alex Spire in Gloves Cover this angle with length At the beginning of the week, Socks and Rangers are about to play a weekend series. Skinny: Given that Hyers and Fatse share much of the same philosophy, that’s probably not the reason.

Anyway, it’s the moment to take some inventory.

At the age of 11-20, you don’t need to know much about baseball to know that the Red Sox are losing the game for many reasons. Some of them, well, bad teams find a way to lose the game, right? With a brutal call to Kevin Plawecki on Wednesday, the Atlanta duet did drive the house — And that wasn’t the only thing — It’s like a team with better rolling fighting.

Instead, it remained two days later and was unable to enter eight innings after the fifth walk-off defeat of the team that just won the game. ((((April 12 Detroit, When the socks broke the tie for the 8th time. ) The bullpen is messed up, Josh Taylor Moved to 60-day injured list Hurt him as a short-term help.

But the attack helps to write it on paper. And that’s still the simplest solution.

Again, this is the foundation weekend. The Texas attack has improved internally after the off-season of heavy spending, but only as good as the current Red Sox (.628 OPS vs. .630 in Boston). As a starting pitcher for the Rangers, his old friend Martin Perez, who achieved 2.10 ERA and did not allow home runs in 34⅓ innings, is the best starting pitcher.

At some point, it feels like it’s ready to turn. Until then, in the second week of May, you’re trying to wrap your head around Boston, which is more aggressive than the Baltimore Orioles, so consider this number of scatters.

1. Only two major players have confirmed that they have a lower hard hit rate than Kike Hernandez.

In a revelation a year ago, Hernandez justified his status as an everyday offensive player by batting like a super-utility man he was presumed to have when he signed before last season. I’m having a hard time.

As with personality, defense is still there. However, the team in need of sparks has not received sparks from him.

If you’ve heard this, stop me. But Hernandez is more swaying and chasing. And he’s even more missing, especially in the down and away stuff. According to Baseball Savant, he was swinging 29 balls outside the strike zone in the lower half and missed 24 balls for one double.

Hernandez hit .282 against the fastball last season, which is .143, and more than one-fifth (21.1 percent) of his contact was a slight pop-up. Your eyes aren’t lying: what he hasn’t missed, he’s falling down.

Alex Cora, connected to the lead-off to start this year, dropped him before the disaster Tampa-Toronto-Baltimore Road Trip. Trevor Story was better, but it wasn’t enough to prevent Hernandez and his # 1 .213 on-base from returning there since Sunday.

2. Bobby Dalbec has played 53 runners this season. He has three RBIs.

On average, batters knock in about 14 percent of the base runners at the start. For Dalbec, his seventh hit this year was 7-8 across his 91 at-bats, with 4-5 home runs filling the total RBI.

Not just three home runs, but one home run more than a month ago.

Dalbec’s opening failure this season is complete, and his aggressive struggle is beginning to appear as they are infiltrating his focus on first base. His strikeouts and walk rates have actually improved since last season, but he’s only in the bottom 12% of the Ks majors, with an overall drop in swing during the opening ceremony and out-of-zone movements. doing. ..

He hit only one hit other than a fastball — his Tampa’s 10 times triple To defeat the potential no-hitter no-run, he pushed the two-stroke slider in the opposite direction. When he contacts, the numbers confirm your feeling that he is under everything and chase the sum of those home runs that are key to his position in the lineup.

3. Alex Verdugo has a case as the most unlucky hitter in baseball.

When Verdugo hit three home runs in the first eight games of the season, the general feeling was that he couldn’t keep it. After all, he was only 13 a year ago, and his .426 slugging percentage in 2021 wasn’t well above the league average. Sure enough, he lost 93 at bats on the .191 / .220 / .226 lines in 22 homeless games without hitting a quarter.

But his crash wasn’t like everyone else in the lineup. Verdugo is still the league’s best contact, and the expected slugging percentage based on the quality of that contact is still in the top 15 percent of the league.

Verdugo is not far behind team leaders Rafael Devers (MLB Best 56) and Xander Bogaerts (41), with 40 balls hit at over 95 mph and “exit speed and launch” calculated by Statcast. The perfect combination of angles “—from everything except Devers and JD Martinez in Socks.

So why is he only .333 behind in the lower quarters of qualifying batters? His average firing angle after jumping in 2021 has decreased by about 30% from a year ago. He is tied for the 13th lowest batter of the 171 batters qualified for batting average.

In other words, last year’s line drive was this year’s ground ball. This affects his average batting average on the ball in play. Last year I was sitting at a healthy .327 and the worst .214. (For the entire 2022 league, BABIP was .283. Last year it was .292.)

Rowdy Tellez of Milwaukee is the only batter whose expected slugging based on the quality of contact is even lower than Verdugo, according to statistics Verdugo is .545 and should hit .290 instead of .216. is. That’s important for a slow start, given that no one in the Boston lineup has hit based on more men than left fielders.

The Red Sox needs to be produced by someone other than Devers, Bogaerts, and Martinez. (The three guys to watch out for aren’t exactly locked to be on the roster in 2023.) Above all, Verdugo feels like a great place to start.

3 shocking stats at the core of the Red Sox’ abysmal offense Source link 3 shocking stats at the core of the Red Sox’ abysmal offense

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