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What we learned: Revenge Season, Penalty Shots, and Swayman — Oh My!

The Bruins Jake Debrask celebrates after scoring a goal with the Dallas Stars during the third season of the Bruins home opener at TD Garden on Saturday in Boston. Maddy Meyer / Getty Images

Braden Holtby has a Bruins number. Like his days in Washington, he did everything he could to prevent his longtime enemies from winning.

Bruins fired 40 shots at Holtby. They took the lead in the first period of 1-0 in Brad Marchan’s fifth career penalty shot tally, but costly turnovers led to Luke Glendening’s first goal in his youth. Later, I just saw Reed get lost in the second period.

This time, they didn’t build a cave for Holtby. Instead, their patience was rewarded.

And it was pretty appropriate for Jake Debrask to go through when it was most important. In the worst years of his career, the selection of the first round of 2015 began his season with great success, counting the winners of the game on a hardnet drive at 4:43 in the final stanza. rice field. Jeremy Swayman’s 27-save effort and Merchandise’s empty netter in the second half of the regulation closed the 3-1 victory in front of a ferocious TD Garden crowd.

That’s what we learned from Game 1 of 82.

De Brusk started his revenge tour with great success

At its best, De Brusk’s speed and footwork in front of the net, along the board and in the neutral zone provide himself and his linemates with a quality scoring opportunity. De Brusk’s motors tend to run in the sky when he’s quitting the game.

The latter scenario occurred frequently during the 2021 COVID shortening season. The league’s strict protocol has limited De Brusk’s bond time with his teammates away from the link. He rarely looked like himself when interacting with peers and zooming in with the media.

However, the relaxation of the protocol for fully vaccinated personnel and veterans Eric Howra and Nick Foligno’s new linemates has given De Brusk a new start. The third line has improved compatibility with all training camp personnel. And the trio resumed where it was interrupted in the opening round on Saturday.

Their unity was on display at Go A Head Tally. Foligno and Howra went to work after De Brusk generated sales. Patient Foligno found De Brusk heading from the goal line to the net. Edmonton natives quickly won the first net of the season and offered one of his trademark celebrations.

“It’s always great to help a team win,” De Brusk said on an even number on his 25th birthday. “I thought the preseason went pretty well, but it’s just the preseason. Obviously, you want to get on the board as soon as possible. The idea seems to work. In our line What’s going on. Leaning on Nick and Eric was very helpful to me, and scoring in front of the full TD Garden is great. “

De Brusk feels no burden. His teammates notice the weight from his shoulders. He is unaffected by offnight, and he will encounter his share of them during the 82-game slate.

But Bruins needs his secondary scoring output to achieve Another deep playoff run.. One night, De Brusk provided its timely spark.

“I’m really happy with how he plays,” Merchand said of De Brusk. “Jake is a self-confident man and he has it now. But the way he carried himself away from the ice, he has much better energy about him and this year Much more excited. And he’s the guy we need to rely on this year if we’re going far. You do so with his speed and his ability to put packs on the net. You can see it making a difference. You could see it tonight. I was more impressed with the details of his game tonight. He bounced off the goal and Foligno and Howla Has created a loose pack to do their thing. He goes online and gets paid. “

Merchandise motors the way to a two-goal outing

Sometimes the little things deserve the same perception as highlight reel aggregation — for example, the moment leading up to a merchandising penalty shot.

A little hesitant about the merchandis entering the zone, he set up his sequence. He got an entry after David Pastonack cleared the blue line to continue playing. The merchandiser created a separation from Ryan Suter and provided a clear path to Braden Holtby. Suter’s takedown prevented the merchandising from turning, but did not prevent the referee from assessing the penalty shot.

The merchandiser quickly took full advantage of the penalty shot attempt and went out to Holtby’s gloveside, giving Bruins a 1-0 lead in the second half of the opening stanza.

“I didn’t see it, so after picking it up, I thought I actually gave up for a moment. I think it was offside pasta right away,” Merchand said of the sequence with Suter. “I waited for a moment to see if it was off (side), and when I couldn’t hear the whistle, I just kept trying to put it in the sooter, so fortunately they called it. “

Boston’s main alternative captain fired the opening salvo. He later offered a proverbial dagger at Crunch Time, defeating Milo Heiskanen with a loose pack on his way to the empty net tally.

There is no moment too big for Swayman

The circumstances surrounding his first professional season can overwhelm the goalkeeper. But Swayman isn’t the typical anomalous goalkeeper who hits his drums like Tim Thomas, Dominik Hasek, or Eddie Belfor. His intriguing and cheerful personality alive at that moment provides a unique perspective.

His philosophy was when Swayman brilliantly buried the injured Tukarask and Yaroslav Harak on the COVID in April and early May under stricter protocols in Providence and Boston last season. Helped to overcome the hurdles of. The Alaskan-born goalkeeper resumed his ten-star stint at the Big Club from a break and won the opening night start following free agent pickup Linus Ulmark. Strong preseason..

Swayman didn’t see much traffic due to a significant portion of Saturday’s slope. Bruins kept the star on the net to just five shots in the opening stanza. With the exception of turnovers following a long shift from the mid-40’s second line and a surge in the second half of Dallas’ regulation, Boston’s D provided the necessary layers before Swayman. Whenever the star found their ditch, Swayman was there to make a timely save to give his team a chance to win.

“I want to stay at that moment,” Swayman said. “The big thing for me is communication with defense. Obviously they played a great game. It was fun to see them play easy at breakouts and do their job in front of the net. But if you don’t have that many shots, you have to work mentally. Playing between whistles can help me a lot from whistle to whistle. “

We had to be careful at the start of the opening night. Swayman finally started in front of a packed house on Causeway Street. And with confidence Swayman gave them something to support.

“That’s something special. I think it’s a millionth. There aren’t many places like that in the league,” Swayman said. “Obviously we are lucky. The whole team is grateful to the community here. So what you heard is true. We are very excited to be able to participate.”

3 takeaways from the Bruins 3-1 win over the Dallas Stars Source link 3 takeaways from the Bruins 3-1 win over the Dallas Stars

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