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Less than a week before the primaries, the five candidates returned to school, Massachusetts, Cass to crack down on the race’s only television debate.

John Barros, Andrea Campbell, Kim Janey, Michelle Wu, and Annissa Essaibi George in the first debate of the Mayor of Boston race on Wednesday night. Mark Garfinkel / NBC10 Boston

After dozens of forums over the last few months The historic 2021 race to become Boston’s next mayor There was an initial discussion among the five candidates on Wednesday night

And if anything, the event crystallized the impression — Among experts And perhaps the candidates — next Tuesday’s primary is shaped to be a contest for the second-place spot to advance to the finale on November 2.

A recent poll made Michelle Wie West a leading candidate, and Wednesday’s debate featured a number of jabs traded between the other four candidates. Mayor Marty Walsh camped in Washington, DC in March.

Jenny used a debate aired on Wednesday at NBC Boston to promote a slate of policies that she had implemented since she took office, but her position is everything from COVID-19’s response to the city’s response. It was also the subject of criticism. Mass and Cass In an effort to fight gun violence.

1. Janey is confident in returning to school. There are not many other candidates.

When asked to evaluate the city’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the candidate’s response appeared to depend primarily on whether they were engaged in government.

Wu is C +, city council member Anissa Esaibi George is C, and city council member Andrea Campbell is Emerged as Jenny’s most outspoken critic on this subject, Rated it to D.

Under Walsh, the city’s head of economic development, John Barros gave the answer a B, and Jenny gave it an A-, showing that 70% of Boston’s inhabitants had taken at least one shot. I quoted. Campbell, some communities, Like her neighborhood in Mattapan, Behind the city-wide rates.

“You can change that by adopting some of these best practices,” she said, repeating her request for a vaccine passport. I opposed..

But the subject Uncertainty approaching at the beginning of Thursday’s school yearThis only intensified this week after Johnny and Boston public schools warned that a shortage of bus drivers could lead to delays and route cancellations.

Jenny said she was “encouraged” by the agreement reached this week between the bus driver union and the school on Wednesday night and said she expected “all bus drivers to come back” on Thursday. rice field.

“It’s difficult, but I’m excited about the new school year,” Janey said. “We get over it.”

“There are many parents who have called me, but they are not so confident,” Barros replied. “The deputy mayor is pretty confident. I remember talking to two bus drivers before coming here, but they aren’t so confident. They said this to the confusion and information sent. And in terms of what was given in terms of routes, we call it the worst of the grades they participated in. They don’t know what’s going on. “

Campbell calls it “absolutely unacceptable” and the city Shortage of national bus drivers..

“During a pandemic, the last thing we want to do is add more stress and strain to our family,” she said.

Jenny said she was “encouraged” ahead of Thursday’s first day of BPS.

“I know there is a lot of anxiety on the first day of school,” she said. “And we all know that COVID is making things worse — all the problems in our city. But our bus drivers care for our children and we Teachers care for our children, and everyone is working hard to make the first day of school go smoothly for our children. “

2. Essaibi George Masses Janey’s city council decision.And Cass conditions are fixed

The five candidates are Homelessness, violence, drug use crisis Mass. Ave.And around the intersection of Melnea Cass Boulevard, they say it has deteriorated in the years since then. Bridge to Long IslandHad a recovery program and shelter, was demolished.

However, Esaibi George condemned some of the circumstances of Jenny’s decision as chairman of the city council in early 2020. Dissolve the Body Committee on Homeless, Mental Health & Recovery, She was the chair.

“We focused on a range of care restorations and brought together city-level, state-level staff, institutions, and community-based organizations to do the work,” said Essaibi George.

“Unfortunately, Jenny, the chairman of the council at the time, didn’t think the committee was worthy of existence anymore,” continued Esaibi George. “Since then, things have collapsed and reached their limits.”

The dissolution took place during a major reorganization of the City Council Committee.At that time, Jenny Said Boston herald A new public health committee will deal with addiction and mental health issues, and a housing and community development committee will deal with the homeless.

Janey claimed on Wednesday that the reorganization proved to be timely.

“The committee I formed was about public health, but six weeks later it was hit by a pandemic,” said Janey. “We have put together the work of all health committees into one committee, and fortunately we did it.”

Most of the candidates are seeking decentralization of the restoration services currently concentrated around Massachusetts and Cass in a deadlocked effort to rebuild the Long Island Bridge.

Janey also called for a regional response to the opioid epidemic.

“This isn’t just about Boston,” she said.

3. Janey knocks on “empty rhetoric” about plans to fight violence

Boston was an exception Recent national increase in street violenceThe candidate vowed to further reduce crime while implementing police reforms.

Campbell claimed she had the most specific plans for the race.

“We don’t just want to reduce violence in Boston,” she said. “I want to eradicate them. And how do you do that? By actually reorganizing the police station and sending police officers, especially police officers of specialized units, back to the district, enough for all neighborhoods Coverage and enough police officers can actually walk the beat and do local police. “

Campbell argued that this approach would save the city money and allow authorities to divert funds to address the root causes of violence such as mental health, poverty and trauma.

“No other candidate has such a comprehensive plan and no one is using political courage to tackle this issue,” Campbell said.

Jenny pushed back that her administration’s plans were reaping real-world results. Compared to the average over the last five years, the deputy mayor said in 2021 murders were reduced by 32%, deadly shootings were reduced by 50%, and gun arrests were increased by 26%.

“My plan is working, but I have to do more,” said Jenny, with the city’s newly established police accountability office. Mental Health 911 Call Joint Responder Program..

“It’s not enough to have an empty rhetoric,” Janey said. “We need to rethink how we do this job.”

In response, Barros suggested that Jenny was coasting the work of the Walsh administration, saying he was unaware of her anti-violence plans (Jenny). Announced the plan in late May).

“We know that in the seven years of the Walsh administration, crime has decreased and arrests have decreased,” Barros said. “It wasn’t a coincidence, because it helped us attract 140,000 new jobs to the city — a good job. We helped invest in the root causes of violence and trauma. We definitely helped move people to affordable housing … so the mayor can talk about those numbers. “

Still, Jenny said those reductions weren’t enough.

“This isn’t about data points,” she said. “We need to do more to prevent any violence from being seen.”

Wu also argued that the city should implement reforms through current contract negotiations with the police union, while Esaibi George stands out as the only candidate. Opposed to police budget cuts..

“I promise to have a safe city without compromising the security of this city,” she said. “We can talk about the actual redistribution and we can talk about reinvestment. This is another word for funding the city’s public security.”

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