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Philadelphia is the NFL’s No. 1 rush attack.Ethan Greenberg with Elijah Moore playing at high speed

Running game

The Eagles attack the NFL’s best rush, averaging 157.9 yards per game. They found a recipe for success at QB Jalen Hurts, who leads the team in a 695-yard rush yard. However, a second-year signaler is dealing with an ankle injury that was lost to the Giants at MetLife Stadium last week.

“Each man has a unique skill set,” said Eagles team reporter Chris McPherson. “Miles Sanders is an explosive big playback that can unleash an explosive run of 10 or 20 yards at any time. Boston Scott is a really tough and small running back between tackle and Kenny Gainwell in Memphis. He’s the guy who catches the ball from the backfield and is available in pass and run games. He’s been used as a red zone weapon throughout the rookie campaign. Adding hearts to the mix makes it wider. Will be wider. Various skill sets.

“It’s safe to say that the Eagles run the ball. Let’s smash the Eagles side by side each time. It works very well between the aggressive lineman talent and the way this run game is designed. The Eagles have found this correct formula. It took a while to reach it, but they found a way to get the ball into the hands of all these playmakers and take advantage of their strengths to keep it. I have a wonderful job. [defenses] I’m out of balance. “

Meanwhile, the Jets are away from the season’s best 157 rushyards with 34 carries (4.6 on average) against the Texans. RB Tevin Coleman led with 16 carries, 67 yards (4.2). Ty Johnson ran 42 yards compared to Austin Walter’s 38, but Walter had three more rushes. The offense played 100 yards in a row for the first time this season.

Rookie LG Alijah Vera Tucker said of the team’s performance in Houston, “I think it was only us who had O-line achieved their goals and were handling stunts in the game.” “I knew their linebackers also liked to shoot through the gap. They like to run downhill, so I had to take advantage of that too. The main thing was to aim for the goal. I think it’s about being trained for

Two SEC rookies

The match on Sunday will feature two highly productive rookie wideouts at the SEC. Devonta Smith, the first round pick of the Eagles, and Elijamoor, the second round pick of the Jets. Winner of the Heisman Trophy in 2020, ranked 10th overall from Alabama, Smith leads Philadelphia with 48 receptions, 686 yards and 4 TDs. Moore is ranked second in green and white in Catch (38) and Yard (461), and his four TD receptions are in first place.

“He’s a very talented root runner,” McPerson said of Smith. “Very smooth and very electrical. He’s neither a burner nor a track star in the field, but his route is running so he can do separations and quick cuts to get the defender off the track. He’s very good in his hands and he could catch almost anything in his way … you can say he’s about 5-9, 170, what you have First, but this guy will fight you with teeth and nails. “

Jets’ OC Mike LaFleur added that he was so impressed with Moore: What I’m listening to is what I’m producing. I haven’t heard much about rookie that I don’t produce much. For him, he’s just getting used to the speed of the game. He missed. These three pre-season games are like many have forgotten. “

History on the horizon?

The Jets have defeated all teams in NFL history, except the Eagles-they are 0-11 against Philadelphia in the regular season. The Sunday match is the 12th meeting between teams, despite playing every preseason.

“I didn’t know that,” TE Ryan Griffin told reporters on Sunday. “Jets seemed to exist forever and I thought they would win against everyone. That’s a little more important. It’s pretty cool to join the first Jets team to win against the Eagles. I think, but I need this game twice in a row and I’m trying to get things moving in the last quarter of the season. “

Griffin is one of the seven active roster jets played at the final meeting between teams in 2019, when the Eagles won 31-6 in Philadelphia. The other six are DL Quinnen Williams, WR Jamison Crowder, TE Trevon Wesco, DL Kyle Phillips, WR Braxton Berrios and LS Thomas Henny.

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