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Florence, South Carolina 2022-05-19 17:34:03 –

Darlington County, South Carolina (WBTW) — According to officials from the Darlington County School District, more than 30 Darlington High School students broke into Darlington High School on Thursday night and destroyed their property.

According to the district, the students were destroyed and damaged.

  • Camera intentionally obscured by debris
  • Door and window eggs
  • Chalk paint used for graffiti walkways, walls and windows
  • Syrup and confetti spread throughout the building
  • Chocolate sauce was poured onto the sidewalk and tracked inside
  • Shaving cream sprayed on fountains, lockers, display cases and windows
  • The trash can with food and milk was turned over and the trash spread throughout the yard and the building.
  • Wrapped street lamps, fountains, doorways
  • The principal’s office and the central office were invaded and destroyed
  • The Falcon mascot head was removed from the display case and left in the courtyard with shaving cream.
  • Feminine pads on doorways, walls and stop signs
  • Classroom furniture thrown in the hallway
  • Removed gym equipment and team water bottles from storage and threw them around the gym
  • Hand sanitizer abandoned in the corridor
  • Various structures brought to the campus and left inside the building
  • In addition to vandalism, some goods and money were stolen from the headquarters.

School officials said the extent of the damage required “extensive work” from parents and school staff from midnight Friday to the beginning of school days to allow the school to open. ..

According to a news release, the district stated that the students involved violated the district’s disciplinary policy and also violated criminal law, including trespassing, vandalism, and potentially robbery.

According to the news release, the school district is disciplining students and is not currently charged to interested parties. A decision was made in consultation with Darlington police to prevent students from getting a criminal record.

“We are working with school district authorities on this investigation,” Darlington Police Chief Kelvin Washington said in a statement. Multiple laws may be violated and prosecuted against violators. The school district wants to address this through the school district’s disciplinary policy to prevent these young people from getting a criminal record. We support the school district’s decision. ”

District foreman Tim Newman said it is difficult for young people to make bad decisions that could affect their future.

“This was a serious situation with serious consequences,” Newman said. “Accountability is required, but this moment does not need to define the future of these students.”

According to the district, police began investigating the case after noticing suspicious activity at school while police were checking the security of the building.

30+ Darlington students break into school, vandalize building Source link 30+ Darlington students break into school, vandalize building

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