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Updated June 12 Reggie Davis

# WR

Height: 6-0 Weight: 170 lbs University: Georgia

6:52 pm -According to the NFL trading page, the Cowboys have signed wide receiver Reggie Davis and exempted / injured rookie wide receiver Stephen Guidley.

25-year-old Davis spent 2018 on the Cowboys practice team. Guidley signed with the Cowboys in 2020 as an undrafted free agent from Mississippi and opted out of the season for the COVID-19 pandemic.

——————————————– Updated June 11th Osa Odigizwa

# 75 DT

Height: 6-2 Weight: 280 lbs University: UCLA

9:53 am -The Cowboys have officially signed the rookie Defensive Harness Osa Odigizwa.

Odigizwa, the 99th overall pick in the April draft, was the first of the Cowboys’ 3rd round 3rd round picks to sign. Only defensive lineman Chansey Golston and cornerback Nahshon Wright have not yet completed the rookie deal.

The Cowboys officially signed the first round pick, Micah Parsons, and the second round pick, Kelvin Joseph, earlier this week.

——————————————– Updated June 9th

9:30 pm- Dak Prescott’s feet are in the news for another reason.

Specifically, it’s both feet, which they will play in the near future.Wednesday night, Adidas longtime athlete Prescott Signed a 5-year contract with the Jordan brand..

According to the report, Prescott will be the only Cowboys player on behalf of the Jordan brand and will be the most paid NFL player.

There has been speculation about the situation since the Cowboys launched the off-season program. Prescott was found wearing Jordan’s cleats during the team’s OTA and was officially announced in the news on Wednesday.

Tony Polard

# 20 RB

Height: 6-0 Weight: 209 lbs University: Memphis

2:18 pm -The exact role of Tony Polard this offseason seems to have evolved with practice. He is expected to back up Ezekiel Elliott with a running back and become a featured kickoff returner, but Polard is also looking at the receiver in the slot.

“It’s a problem that some guys are banged and some guys aren’t there,” Polard said of the current receiver. “But they want my versatility and play across the field, whether it’s running back, in slots, or anywhere.”

But no matter where the pollards line up, he expects the cowboys to have one, if not the best attack in the league.

“That’s what we see,” Polard told reporters during his interview on Wednesday. “But II feels like no one can stop us, but we are. When we get to the field, we need to see it.”

——————————————– Updated June 8 Tyron Smith

# 77 T

Height: 6-5 Weight: 320 lbs University: USC

16: 00- It has long been known that Tyron Smith treated puncture wounds. But until Tuesday, most people may not be aware of how long.

Smith had end-of-season surgery on his neck last season as a result of these Stinger problems. This has plagued him for multiple seasons. Asked about it on Tuesday afternoon, he admitted that it was a problem for much of his football career.

“It’s been a big problem since I played the ball because I got my first stinger back when I first started,” he said. “Since I was there, as I got older, it started to get worse.”

Due to this problem, Smith lost the strength of his left arm. Since then he has begun to recover. Ultimate surgery is expected to alleviate some of these problems. From that sound, Smith gets exactly the relief he needed.

“I was very relieved because I was able to move my neck a lot more than usual,” he said. “It soon seemed like it started to feel like a great relief.”

——————————————– Updated June 6th Dallas Cowboys

2:24 pm- The Tennessee Titans seemed to get better in an instant when they landed Julio Jones in a trade from Atlanta. The Falcons may eventually win the trade, depending on how the draft topic is used. But in the meantime, it’s a trade that helps Titan.

But someone else? Keep in mind that the team playing the Falcons this year no longer has to face one of the NFL’s elite receivers.

The Cowboys will host Atlanta on November 14th, a week before heading to Kansas City. The match against the Cowboys, whose roster includes Dan Quinn, Keanu Neal and Damontae Kazy, is highly anticipated.

Atlanta still has Calvin Ridley and the newly drafted rookie Kyle Pitts, along with veteran QB Matt Ryan.

But Jones’ departure probably won’t hurt the Cowboys. In five games against Dallas, Jones averages 98.5 yards per game with three touchdowns.

The Cowboys are expected to play Tennessee at home in 2022.

——————————————– Updated June 4th Keren Moore

Offense coordinator

University: Boise Birthplace: Prosser, Washington

4:37 pm- The Cowboys have just finished the second week of organized team activity, and attack coordinator Keren Moore was impressed with the work Dak Prescott did this offseason after returning from last year’s ankle surgery.

“Duck is shaving his tail. He’s doing a great job,” Moore said. “He certainly did a lot during the OTA. We are in a really good place with him. I think he feels really good. Obviously, the process is what it is. It takes time. You trust (cowboys athletic trainer) Jim (Maurer), Britt (Brown) and Dak look it up together and what he does throughout this offseason, what Decide not to do it.

“Really, we are playing the ball now. You can ask Duck. He’s just ready to play football. Obviously, if they need to limit him, they But we play soccer. We play soccer. Like Duck has always played soccer. “

Prescott participates in most exercises. As a precautionary measure, one exception so far is the team drill, which features a defensive line pass rush.

——————————————– Dan Quinn

Defense coordinator

University: Salisbury University Birthplace: Morristown, NJ

4:36 pm- It’s fast-only six voluntary OTA practices in the last two weeks-but new defense coordinator Dunquin likes what he sees from the defense rookie class.

“I was impressed with this crew, the eight draft topics we signed and the three free agents,” Quinn said. “It was the speed of the group that jumped at me, whether it was a secondary or a linebacker. I can really feel that speed from the people around me.

“From the insiders, it’s a mature group we’ve added to Defensive Lineman. Obviously, (Defensive Lineman Quinton) Bohanna’s size and his strength. (Defensive Lineman’s Chauncey) with Golston (Osa) Odigizuwa.

“Speaking of a group of 11 people, speed jumped out to me. Then, for the big guys, let’s continue to develop what we have in Odigizwa and Golston. But inside 2 People certainly jumped at me as a pass rusher. “”

——————————————– Updated June 3 Tarrel Basham

# 93 DE

Height: 6-4 Weight: 266 lbs University: Ohio

2:34 pm -In the first interview since the Cowboys deal, Tarell Basham of Passrusher made some interesting quotes during a virtual call with the media.

Basham from Jets said he signed with the Cowboys because he was “tired of losing” and considers Dallas a candidate for the playoffs each season. He also mentioned his position as “you put me there and I play it” in terms of being a defensive end or an external linebacker.

And while he admits that he was a bad “angle taker” in the past and that coaches such as Dan Quinn pointed out his bad habits, Basham’s most memorable quote is from Dallas. His career was nearing the end when asked to be a new start.

“It will definitely be a new chapter,” Basham said. “But it’s a Bash book. We’re still reading the same book. I like to tell people, it’s still the same” like “just a different toilet. Move up. “

——————————————– Dak Prescott

# 4 QB

Height: 6-2 Weight: 238 lbs University: Mississippi

4:26 pm- While the cowboys are training independently, they monitor the work of several major veterans who were injured last year.

Dak Prescott is a clear example. So far, the Star Quarterback has been locked out of a team drill featuring a pass rush at OTA when returning from last year’s ankle surgery.

Wide receiver Amari Cooper, guard Zack Martin, running back Ezekiel Elliott and Blake Jarwin did not participate in last week’s practice published in the media. Elliott dealt with persistent injuries for most of last season, Martin missed the last month of the season with a calf injury, Jarwin returned from last year’s ACL surgery, and Cooper underwent mild ankle surgery in the off-season. I did.

Linebackers Jaylon Smith (off-season wrist surgery) and aggressive tackles Tyron Smith and La’el Collins (returning from 2020 surgery) had limited work in practice.

“All of these people are here almost every day, but some of their fieldwork was limited,” head coach Mike McCarthy said last week. “We are especially wise with those who have come out of surgery and are doing some things that have been hanging since last year.”

The Cowboys have another week of OTA, followed by a mandatory mini-camp next week.

——————————————– Updated May 31 Michael Gallup

# 13 WR

Height: 6-1 Weight: 198 lbs University: Colorado

1:01 pm -Physically, don’t even compare Michael Gallup with DK Metcalf. In fact, not to mention one of the league’s top young superstars, only linebackers and defensive ends have the body type of the Seattle Pro Bowl receiver, Metcalf, which has sparked an internet sensation.

Looking at Metcalf’s stats, there’s no doubt that 17 touchdowns in two seasons stand out.

But he averages 15.6 yards per catch, and his longest play from Scrimmage is 62 yards-somewhat surprising given his ferocious speed.

Gallup has had a few more yards of catches and yards in three seasons since playing for three seasons, which is the same as 15.6 yards per catch average, with a 62-yard reception. This is the longest in his career.

However, the most identifiable statistic for finding a “big” receiver is the average per catch. Metcalf has established itself, but statistics also suggest that Gallup isn’t too late.


3rd-Round Pick & WR Davis Signed Source link 3rd-Round Pick & WR Davis Signed

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