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Pittsburgh (KDKA) — A woman in Pittsburgh says she was strangled by East Liberty’s PetSmart and is holding accountability to the company while she is trimming her nails.

Currently, four employees involved in her allegations have been charged with felony animal cruelty, and PetSmart said they had been dismissed.

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AJ Ross says her dog Kobe has been part of her life for 12 years and was her companion when she traveled all over the country to pursue a career in journalism. On November 17, 2020, she said she took Kobe to PetSmart in East Liberty and trimmed her nails.

She says she saw Groomer return to the salon with Kobe. A few minutes later, she says she heard the manager paging through the intercom when she was buying treats and toys for him.

“My intuition began to tingle and the hair on the back of my neck felt something was wrong,” Ross said.

After a while, the manager took her to the salon. There she says she saw a toy poodle lying dead on a grooming table.

She says she picked him up and ran.

“I hurry out of the store and hope the fresh air helps him. If I just rub him and the fresh air hits him, he might wake up. “She told KDKA. “I’m saying,’Kobe, get up, get up,’ but he’s not, and I fell outside the store.”

Ross hurriedly sent Kobe to a nearby veterinarian. According to an autopsy report provided by Ross to KDKA, they attempted CPR but were unable to resuscitate him. Ross said goodbye to Kobe and began questioning the behavior of PetSmart employees.

She says PetSmart’s manager said Kobe fainted while she was nailing herself.

“Similarly, did he look sick? What are you saying? Did he just faint? And they couldn’t really give me a clear answer,” Ross said. I was ill.

She says a local manager took her to the store and watched a surveillance video on December 1, 2020, after several attempts to get answers from PetSmart employees.

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“They tied him to the edge of the grooming table, so his neck is hyperextended in different directions,” she recalls. “He was hanging. He was hanging for more than a minute. He was tortured hard. They did nothing, they just kept cutting his nails. “

According to Animal Control, Ross called Humane Animal Rescue the same day he watched the video and asked for an investigation.

Explaining what Ross had done to her dog is supported by a criminal accusation filed by a park ranger against four ex-employees. Police officers wrote that one employee was seen holding Kobe while tied to a leash, and another employee was trimming his nails. After all, according to the video description of the complaint, Kobe is exhausted, when employees call a manager.

The complaint states that the park ranger showed the veterinarian a surveillance video. The veterinarian explains what happened when the trachea was crushed and matched with the suffering animal.

In a statement submitted to KDKA, PetSmart said: After this horrific accident, we began an internal investigation and discovered an unintended failure to comply with the pet’s safety process. In addition, we cooperated with an external investigation, dismissed the responsible person, and facilitated an autopsy to provide an answer. “

Ross says he asked PetSmart for information on how employees are trained and what protocols they must follow. In an email from Ross to KDKA from PetSmart Manager to Ross, he told her that he could provide that information, stating: The academy and policies and procedures are unique and these documents are not open to the public. We would like to make exceptions here and in light of this situation we would like to share them with you. “

However, Ross believes PetSmart’s policy on how to train groomers needs to be public and transparent. This allows pet owners to make informed decisions about who to entrust their dogs and cats to.

“Is they really doing the job just because someone has been trained for 6 hours of pet grooming?”

Ross has had difficulty re-experiencing his experience since the ex-employee was charged on May 7, but wants to draw something from her experience so that people can be aware and protected. thinking about.

“This is invalid. To me, Kobe was like a family,” Ross said.

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Four ex-employees face multiple crimes, including felony animal cruelty. They will appear in court in Allegheny County for a preliminary hearing on October 4.

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