4 Investigates: Reports of aggressive coyotes on the rise in Albuquerque – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-06-23 00:42:25 –

Rory Vivens called 311 after the coyote attacked the dog at El Oso Grande Park in northeastern Albuquerque.

“The coyote came and chased the hind legs,” she said. “And I believe it was a young coyote.”

According to Bivens, a man walking in the area yelled at the coyote and scared him.

Data from 311 revealed that offensive coyote complaints usually begin in April.

Dr. Mark Dimena, an urban biologist, said the time frame coincides with the time when the coyote had a puppy.

“Puppies are very vulnerable when they are still in the burrow, and parents will be very protective of the area because they haven’t started coming out yet,” he said. ..

Dimena believes that the pandemic is due, at least in part, to an increase in reports of coyotes.

“A lot of people are working from home and enjoy the freedom to go for a walk while they’re on the phone or between things, and their kids are at home,” says Dimena. I did. .. “But that increases their chances of encountering those coyotes that are happening about their day. Most of us would have been in the office or workplace for the same period as the previous year.”

Pandemics have also created opportunities for animals. For example, coyotes have been found in the Helen Cordero Elementary in southwestern Albuquerque.

When the school was closed, mouse and rabbit populations were more likely to explode, attracting coyotes.

“They are always looking for more opportunities to expand their territory,” Dimena said. “I found these nice big open fields at school, so they suddenly stopped being used, so they don’t smell like humans. In the spring of the last few years, there’s less traffic and they’re a little wandering. It doesn’t necessarily go a little further into the space and occupy them permanently, but it does hunt what they are exploring there and that kind of thing. “

Dimena believes that the number one reason behind the more aggressive coyote behavior is for people to feed them.

“It’s a bad idea to feed them. They become dependent on humans,” he said. “And they want to protect the territory they know is easy to get food, but now they are no longer afraid of people, so they are against humans Take a position. “

4 Investigates: Reports of aggressive coyotes on the rise in Albuquerque Source link 4 Investigates: Reports of aggressive coyotes on the rise in Albuquerque

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