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Red Sox

After winning Saturday, the Red Sox holds the top wildcard spot in the American League and controls the fate of the playoffs.

Tannerhauk couldn’t do more than he gave the Red Sox in five innings on Saturday and started the perfect game on just 53 pitches.

The Red Sox is a victory away from clinching the playoff harbor.

They defeated the Nationals 5-3 on Saturday. This is what happened, who is the player of the game, and takeaway from the game on Saturday.

Big picture

The match on Saturday was a pretty show.

The only run first came four times when Rafael Devers hit a solo shot in the center right.

Tanner Hauk started and threw five perfect innings for the Red Sox. But the Red Sox decided to pull him when his hits came in sixth.

The Nationals finally piled up their base, threatening to score in 7th place. The Red Sox turned to Jordy Mercer, who was called Strike 3 and was sent off shortly afterwards due to controversy, but then escaped.

The Red Sox took turns to load the 8th bass. But after Devers hit the swing, they didn’t get anything from it.

In the lower half of the same inning, the Nationals loaded the bass again due to the Red Sox’s miscue (more on this later). Juan Soto seemed to hit a grand slam from the bat, but he didn’t have enough balls to reach the center. It was deep enough to get a runner from 3rd place and tie the game with a sacrifice fly.

JD Martinez started his ninth walk after finishing the innings without allowing the next run. José Iglesias did a pinch runner for him, but consecutive strikeouts did not allow him to move forward until Christian Vazquez hit the tiebreaker triple and won Iglesias from the beginning. Travis Shaw followed up with an RBI single, and Kike Hernandez put an exclamation mark to the left with a two-run home run.

Andrew Stevenson cut into the Red Sox lead with a two-run home run at night. However, Hansel Robles was able to conclude the Nationals, bringing the Red Sox closer to the playoffs.

Game player

Tanner Howk – 5 pitches, 8 strikeouts, 0 runs, 0 hits, 0 walks.

When the starting pitcher throws 5 innings, it’s hard to get any better performance. Also, the Red Sox bat scored only one run in the first eight innings, making it a very necessary outing.

Houck wouldn’t have looked so good either. Of the 15 outs he made, more than half were strikeouts (8) and only one was a flyout to the outfield. He almost allowed the runner in a wild pitch strike 3, but Andrew Stevenson struck a ball and kicked him out after making a swinging mistake.

Of Houck’s eight strikeouts, five came from Nationals batters who grabbed Houck’s sliders. Saturday’s performance was certainly a good note at the end of the regular season, as Houck’s start went up and down as much as it did this season.

Its meaning

The Red Sox moved to the top wildcard spots in the American League with a Saturday victory. They control the fate of their own playoffs entering the finals of the regular season. In short, victory will push them to the top spot of wildcards.

Boston sat in a second place and entered the day, but Boston rose after New York fell to Tampa earlier in the day. The Blue Jays defeated the Orioles and handled their business. With their win, the Blue Jays remain in the game behind the Red Sox and are still playing for the wildcard spot.

The Mariners will face the Angels later on Saturday. Seattle must win to maintain the hope of the playoffs. If the Mariners win, they will behind the Red Sox and the Yankees.

At the very least, the Red Sox will play in playoff games to reach wild card games.

The point

1.. It’s pretty clear that the Red Sox still don’t trust Hook to last long on his start.

On Saturday, Hook threw only 53 pitches in 5 innings. However, since they are in the National League stadium, batters need to pitch. So when it came to Hook’s sixth hit, Alex Cora decided to win for Christian Arroyo, whose Red Sox had a 1-0 lead.

Part of that is in Houck, who allowed three earned runs in less than five innings thrown at each of the last two starts. However, his longest outing of the year was 5 1/3 innings, when he played against the Indians on August 29th. In that game, Hook passed through the Indian lineup twice without allowing a run before he could unravel in six innings. He faced a third order.

But Cola said it wasn’t because of where he was facing the Nationals order. Instead, it was about his workload.

“That was enough for us,” Coke said of Hook’s performance. “5 innings and what he was Baltimore the other day, and you add that-this guy is very important to us. Not only today, he will be important to us in the next few days. . “

2.2. With no DH again on Saturday, the Red Sox chose to make the lineup aggressive by playing Kike Hernandez second and Kyle Schwarber first. Those decisions almost sacrificed them.

Seventh, Schwarber’s inexperience was first shown. Andrew Stevenson hit Schwarber with a routine ground ball. Schwarber probably wouldn’t beat him there, as Stevenson was speeding up while he was running towards the base. However, he may have tagged him or threw the ball at Ryan Brasier, who was rushing to cover the bass.

However, Schwarber was indecisive and threw the ball in a strange way, so Brasier put the ball in the midfield and loaded the base. Fortunately for Schwarber, Brasier was able to beat the next batter to finish the inning.

This issue occurred again in the 8th place. Hunter Renfroe shifted to the center again as Hernandez played second baseman again on Saturday. Ryan Zimmerman hit the center with a regular flyball, but Renfroe lost sight of the ball and fell before reaching the shallow center. Zimmerman reached second baseman in play and jump-started the innings he scored later.

3.3. The Red Sox hit at the key spot wasn’t very attractive until it happened.

Schwarber hits one double and moves to third place with a wild pitch. Xander Bogaerts boarded for a walk, but the innings ended when Rafael Devers double-played.

After hitting a solo home run for the fourth time, Devers regained his turn at bat with a scoring runner for the sixth time. But he bumped into a pop-out to finish the inning.

Devers had another chance to beat the scoring runners and the game. His base was loaded on three straight walks and he was able to get a full count at bat. However, he couldn’t hit the fastball in the corner of the strike zone and hit to finish the inning.

The bottom of the order stepped up to give the Red Sox a lead, as Devers couldn’t get a hit with the Red Sox’s only chance in the scoring position. Christian Vazquez, who had hit .130 in the last two weeks on Saturday, became an unlikely hero when he hit a tiebreaker triple to win José Iglesias from the beginning. The triple was the beginning of his season.

Travis Shaw, who had been demoted to the bench for most of the last two weeks, added insurance before Hernandez added it with two home runs.

4.4. Hansel Robles continues to impress with the bullpen. Getting a trading deadline had some poor outings in his first month in Boston.

But September was a solid month for justice. He did not allow 12 outings in September. He also allowed only five hits and more than 102/3 innings.

The Robles number was called ninth after Stevenson’s two-run homer cut the Red Sox lead 5-3. The Robles sent out the next two batters, allowed them to walk to Ryan Zimmerman, and let Lane Thomas pop out to end the game.

This season was Robles’ 14th save with 16 chances. He hasn’t blown away his saves with the Red Sox yet and could be the perfect player for a vacant closing role.

4 takeaways as the Red Sox move a step closer to the playoffs Source link 4 takeaways as the Red Sox move a step closer to the playoffs

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