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After discussing WW’s success with James Corden, Dr. Allison Grupsky will show you how to overcome pandemic weight gain as well.

If you stuff Pounds during a pandemicDon’t worry, you are not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, a significant 42% of those surveyed admit that they “have gained more weight than intended” since March 2020. American stress report. And one in ten of them said they earned over £ 50.

But before reaching for extra slices of pizza or crying with beer, behavioral change experts say that being “friendly to yourself” can help you get your health back on track.

Dr. Allison Grupsky is Senior Director of Behavioral Change Strategy and Coaching at WW. She recently appeared in a promotional video with talk show host James Corden. (WW)

“We tend to think that working hard on ourselves will ignite under us and drive us to make a difference.” Dr. Allison Grupsky To tell Hollywood Life.. “But in many cases this actually backfires, and if self-criticism helped us achieve our goals, we’ve achieved them all by now. Are you? “

Dr. Grupsky should know. Clinical Health Psychologist is Senior Director of Behavioral Change Strategy and Coaching at WW. (She is the voice of authority that appeared in a recent video James Corden A plan formerly known as a weight watcher worked and he Drop £ 20 In 3 months. )

Dr. Grupsky suggests focusing on “gaining momentum” with a step-by-step approach, rather than feeling stuck in a rut after gaining weight during the blockade. “To get started, you just have to take a small step. Any step,” she says. “Make sure it’s small enough to be feasible, but quite different from what you’re doing so that you feel like you’ve made a change.”

For example, cleaning the pantry or walking 10 minutes can increase the motivation to build the next day, Dr. Grupski suggests.

Here are four other tips for her to get back on track after an unhealthy diet, inactivity, and prolonged weight gain.

1. Reconnect with what is important to you

If you want to make changes, base them on “reasons,” Dr. Grupski suggests. “In other words, the reason for this change is important to you. Keeping the reason in mind allows you to connect your goals and intent to the big picture and shed more meaningful light on the changes you want to make.”

2. Set specific and rational goals

“When you set a goal, the more specific you set it, the more likely you are to reach it,” says Dr. Grupski. “Think about what, when, and where to do. The decision to” walk more this week “is as much as a specific plan, such as” walk in the park from 5:30 pm to 6 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. ” Not effective. Also, choose reasonable goals for your life. Instead of “I never eat dessert”, “commit to something a little more rational”Limit desserts Every night. “

James Corden
WW celebrity spokesman James Corden lost £ 20 according to the program. (Shutterstock / SplashNews)

3. Expect setbacks

Think of it as “progress, not perfection,” Dr. Grupsky urges. “It’s not about if You are frustrated, it’s about when You have a setback How You react to it, “she says. “It’s important to stay in the game.” To effectively manage setbacks, behavioral psychologists recommend two things-quick recovery and Your usual routine Learn from experience as soon as possible. “Think about how it happened and how you can change it,” she says.

4. Utilize your strengths

It may sound like a cliché, but when it comes to changing bad habits, focusing on positives rather than negatives really works, says Dr. Grupski. “When we want to make changes, we often focus on what we feel we should stop doing and how we should work harder,” she says. “But science tells us if you come from the standpoint of strength, not weakness. You are more likely to succeed.”

Focus on what you’re already doing well, Build from there instead of. “What skills, trends and preferences do you have? How can you lean on them and help drive the changes you want to make?” She says.

Finally, Dr. Grupsky says Lose weight And to stop it, you need to think in the long run, rather than looking for a quick solution. “We can all be involved in wanting to lose weight or feel better yesterday,” she says. “But to make lasting changes, we need to understand how they fit into our lives.”

4 Ways to Get Healthy After Blockade Overeating – Hollywood Life

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