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KARK, Little Rock — A 4-year-old Arkansas boy hospitalized at COVID-19 is now fighting even more.

NaCl Rodgers was tested for COVID-19 on January 8th after a high fever. His mother, Whitney Rogers, said two days later he was admitted to the hospital and his results returned positively later that night.

“It was a long week, and it’s just over half,” Rogers said. “I was told this is not a standard case. It’s a serious case.”

She later learned that it was more than a coronavirus. HCl was suffering from multiple organ inflammatory syndrome. Doctors say this is a serious condition for some children exposed to COVID-19.

“When that happens, it can be very scary to the family,” said Jessica Snowden, head of pediatric infectious diseases at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

Rogers said that shortly after Christmas, Ollie developed a fever in and out. She said he was taken to the emergency room after he became unresponsive.

“He basically couldn’t speak properly from a slightly lively sick child,” Rogers recalled. “He was just able to moan.”

According to Rogers, Ollie sleeps in hospital beds most of the day and hasn’t been up for more than 15 minutes. A sensor connected to his forehead monitors for potential seizures.

She said doctors were treating her son with oxygen, heart medicine, and feeding tubes.

“They don’t know if this is the only thing he has and it’s just a traditional COVID. That’s when they raised the MIS-C,” Rogers recalls. did.

According to Snowden, the syndrome can cause rashes, inflammation of organs, neurological problems, and possible long-term heart problems.

“If your child has an unexplained fever or other symptoms that makes it impossible to put your finger on the usual child’s instructions, talk to your doctor,” Snowden said.

Rogers said she was worried about the long-term consequences.

“He was vibrant — he was vibrant. At this point, I’m looking forward to some of them,” Rogers said.

According to Snowden, the hospital is treating 18 minors with MIS-C and expects to see more cases as COVID-19 continues to prevail.

4-year-old Arkansas boy develops serious condition resulting from COVID-19 Source link 4-year-old Arkansas boy develops serious condition resulting from COVID-19

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