$ 40 billion heads to Ukraine as Biden signs aid bill abroad

President Biden signed a bill on Saturday to help Ukraine with an additional $ 40 billion with US support as Russia’s invasion approaches four months.

Legislation Passing parliament with bipartisan supportDeepen US commitment to Ukraine in times of uncertainty about the future of war. Ukraine has successfully defended Kyiv and Russia has concentrated its attacks on the eastern part of the country, but US officials have warned of possible protracted conflicts.

The funding is aimed at supporting Ukraine until September, which is Early emergency measures It provided $ 13.6 billion.

The new law will provide $ 20 billion in military aid and ensure a stable flow of advanced weapons that have been used to slow Russia’s progress. It also has $ 8 billion in general financial support, $ 5 billion to address global food shortages that may result from the collapse of Ukraine’s agriculture, and more than $ 1 billion to support refugees. I have.

Biden signed the bill under unusual circumstances. A White House official said he was on a trip to Asia, so US officials brought a copy of the bill on a commercial flight to Seoul for the president to sign.

Logistics not only reflects the urgency of the United States’ continued support for Ukraine, but also the overlapping international challenges facing Byden. Even when he is trying to divert US foreign policy to confront China, he continues to devote resources to Europe’s largest conflict since World War II.

Biden also signed an irrelevant measure. Access to infant formula An era when supplies are scarce in the United States. The law will allow government benefits from special supplemental nutrition programs for women, babies, and children (commonly known as WIC) to be used to purchase more types of infant formula. ..

$ 40 billion heads to Ukraine as Biden signs aid bill abroad

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