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Live from Music Row, Wednesday morning Tennessee Star Report by Michael Patrick Leahy – Broadcast in Nashville Talk radio 98.3 and 1510WLAC Weekdays 5 am-8am – Guest host Cunningham welcomes Team USA members to the 400m World Champion Cynthia Monte Leone To the newsmaker’s line to explain her experience of playing against a trans-gender man and the media’s refusal to admit the problem.

Cunningham: This morning, a guest named Cynthia Monteleone is lining up. Cynthia, am I pronouncing it correctly?

Monte Leone: that’s right. that’s it.

Cunningham: all right. Well, great. Thank you for joining us this morning. Thank you very much. You have a very interesting story about how you and your daughter turned out to be competing with men, so-called trans-gender men, and you both had to confront them. Please tell us a little about its history.

Monte Leone: I am a 400 meter world champion Masters Track athlete. I run for Team USA.

Cunningham: Wow. It’s a tough race.

Monte Leone: Is that so? At the age of 45, I’m actually running faster than college, but still running faster than all high school girls in Hawaii. That is wonderful.

Cunningham: Congratulations.

Monte Leone: Yes. But it takes a lot of effort and determination to reach that point, especially as we grow older. I am constantly training and my specialty is metabolic health. That is my job. I am a metabolic practitioner.

I tell people what to eat and what supplements to take for performance. There are many things that can be good performance.

Cunningham: Yes. Yes.

Monte Leone: He ran 200 and 400 at the 2018 World Championships in Malaga, Spain. In the 200 heat, I participated twice because I ran a round. As good athletes are studying them, I played against this individual who studied them. competition.

And I openly discovered that they were male-to-female transgender athletes. Very large bone structure, large muscle mass. So I started asking questions about the fairness of this issue, and no one wanted to talk about it.

It was like being wiped out under the rug. In fact, I was told that I should keep my mouth closed for my own safety, but that didn’t work at all. As you can see, even after three years, I haven’t closed my mouth. (Chuckles)

Cunningham: It’s very strange. It turns out that women raise this issue very often and are almost angry at the fact that they raise it. It’s just a strange kind of dynamic event.

Monte Leone: It’s really strange. And I was told I was just a loser, and that’s why I was talking. And although it’s a pity that he didn’t receive the note, he didn’t actually lose. (Chuckles)

Cunningham: Great way to put it.

Monte Leone: I managed to squeeze out a win against this person in a matter of ten minutes. But to be honest, it can be said that they were probably not properly trained. And six months later, with more training and shorter rates, over the hurdles, this guy went over about 6’3 hurdles and spotted the podium, the metal that my Team USA teammates should have been. I guessed it.

Just because this individual didn’t beat me doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. With proper training, relatively talented and trained athletes, male athletes will always win. And I will fast forward for a year and a half. My daughter is lining up for her first high school race last year.

She was in a grade that identified biological men as women. So it now happened to my mother and daughter. And the mainstream media will tell you, it’s not happening. It’s not a big deal. It’s not happening.

Cunningham: It’s happening And nowadays, I need courage to meet a really angry opponent, so thank you for taking the courage to take a step forward. It’s just great. This is not a rational argument.

People are usually angry and think you have violated some universal code. And it’s a very strange dynamic, and many people simply don’t speak up.

Monte Leone: That is correct. We live in a society of call-out culture. As a result, people are worried about losing their jobs and athletes are worried about losing their sponsors. All of my sponsors are proud to say that people have one of my clothing sponsors, the Directional Force, shortly after approaching me.

I met the owner, and the first thing I said to him, listen, I speak for the fairness of women’s sports. And if that matters, I’m not going to put on your clothes. And this individual, oh no, absolutely so, he said. please. We are 100% behind you.

So I was lucky to choose a sponsor. They choose me because they support what I do and who I am. And I’m working with a coalition that even has a Democratic feminist group.

This is all-out. It’s not a partisan issue. I don’t know why the current administration has polarized this issue into a party because it is a matter of women’s rights. And it pervades both parties. My daughter and I made a great visit to the Senate and Congress last week. Senate and House of Representatives.

Cunningham: Great.

Monte Leone: We were able to meet with lawmakers and share our story. An independent women’s forum hosted us and we met with all the different representatives. That is, dozens. He became a guest speaker at the Republican Study Committee luncheon. It was great. And I was very warmly welcomed.

We were told that they would continue to fight and fight fiercely. And one of the hangs is that they personally feel the same, even though they knew they were athletes and had Democratic colleagues with daughters and granddaughters who were athletes. He said he was currently voting strictly on the party’s line. .. And this is really wrong.

And it does not represent their components. Because when you look at polls, even Democrats agree that men should not compete in the women’s category. So, as I said, it shouldn’t really be a nasty problem. It’s not a delicate issue. It should be just science.

Cunningham: absolutely.

Monte Leone: They follow science, but they carefully select what they want to follow.

Cunningham: And I’m glad to hear that some feminist groups are picking up the cause. You will think this is an absolutely natural problem they claim.

Monte Leone: Yes. There are several. The wolf is one of them. But, as you know, they are silent, as we are silent. The media does not report on this. A major publication declined our story, but came out two days later and said that this wasn’t happening. There are few examples of this happening.

And when I talked to Congressman Stube in Florida, he said their office would always get calls several times. I don’t know the exact number. But I would say in the hundreds of stories these girls and their parents are reaching out, and they say, hey, my girl also competes with biological men I had to, somehow, somehow, somehow, or I had to compete. So he said, I confirmed it. you are correct. It’s happening all the time and no one reports about it.

Cunningham: And for me, that doesn’t really matter. The problem is the fact that it’s happening at all. Whether the trend is up or down, the fact is that it shouldn’t happen. And whoever has a daughter who is trying hard to train and become a good athlete, this must be a problem for them. Parents and grandparents who are involved with their daughters and granddaughters.

Monte Leone: Let’s talk about the safe care of our girls. Not only for my daughter, it was also her first high school race. She trained really hard. She came second. The person she raced was about 50 meters ahead of anyone else.

Crab gum: Are you kidding me? that’s all?

Monte Leone: Yes. And my daughter has been trained since she was 11 years old. In fact, my daughter motivated me to run again at the age of 40 after not running at all for 20 years. (Chuckles) She has been training for years for this high school debut race. And the individual she raced on had just started trying out the track two weeks ago and wasn’t properly trained at 400.

Cunningham: Cynthia, thank you for joining us. Unfortunately, we have to run. Thank you for your courage and courage. Willing to withdraw. Where can people contact you or get more information?

Monte Leone: They have a petition they can sign and a video of our story.

Cunningham: Thank you very much. And we follow it.And hopefully you can come back and report some progress

Monte Leone: Instagram Fastover 40 In case someone wants to follow me.

Cunningham: Thank you very much, Cindy, thank you for participating in this

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