43rd Kennedy Center Honors class medallion ceremony – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-05-22 00:08:47 –

Instead of the usual hours of black tie events followed by dinner, the Kennedy Center Honors Festival on Friday took place in just 90 minutes with a limited audience.

Washington — This year’s Kennedy Center Honor may have been slimmed down as the country emerged from the coronavirus pandemic — but the prestigious Dick Van Dyke said it was “the capper of my career” Say that.

The 43rd class also includes country music legend Garth Brooks, dancer and choreographer Debbie Allen, singer-songwriter Joan Baez, and violinist Midori. They were honored on Friday night at a medal award ceremony postponed from December 2020.

All award winners, called Lifelong Artistic Achievements, award unique honors, even for skilled artists.

Brooks joked. “It can be the weakness of the chain. I’m in the chain!”

The Medallion Ceremony is usually held at the Department of State, but this year it has been moved to the Kennedy Center’s Opera House, where about 120 people are vacant on stage and behind-the-scenes tables. Singer Gloria Estefan hosted the ceremony and cellist Yo-Yo Ma performed. Both are former Kennedy Center Honorary Winners.

The winner received and spoke a short compliment after hanging the iconic medallion around his neck. Some of the artists said they wanted their modified ceremony to be one of a series of benchmarks in the country’s cultural resumption.

“I was happy to see the art come back out of a very dark era,” said Midori.

Allen is a veteran of the compliment program for former Kennedy Center Honor Winners. She said this year’s process is uniquely intimate. “We spend a lot more time together than any other group of winners,” she said.

Baez brought in an unexpected guest: Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Baez painted a portrait and posted it online, and last year painted one of Fauci. They started talking and “established mutual funship,” Baez said.

Before the ceremony on Friday evening, when Baez and the masked Forch came in together, some attendees visibly scrambled to put on their masks properly.

Instead of the usual hours of black tie events followed by dinner, the Friday festival took place in just 90 minutes with a limited audience. Musical performances and compliments, traditionally the highlights of the event, were split into two other nights. One is scheduled for Thursday and the second is scheduled for Saturday.

“I was filming compliments throughout the campus,” Kennedy Center President Deborah Latter Latter told reporters. All events will be edited into a TV special that airs on CBS on June 6th.

Winner Meet with President Joe Biden On Thursday, former President Donald Trump showed a return to tradition after avoiding celebrations during his tenure. Trump’s presence at the White House has depended on an annual event from the beginning, and some of the 2017 winners threatened to boycott him if he attended.

Trump chose to leave throughout his tenure because of the quiet relief of administrators who would otherwise have faced a rebellion from the artist.

The Performing Arts Center plans to reopen in September, with more events until then. The 44th Kennedy Center Honors Program will return to its regular schedule and will be held in December.

43rd Kennedy Center Honors class medallion ceremony Source link 43rd Kennedy Center Honors class medallion ceremony

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