47 Lake Oswego students exposed to COVID-19 on school bus – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-09-09 10:10:15 –

KOIN, Oregon — Earlier this week, dozens of Lake Oswego families were told that their children were exposed to a positive COVID-19 infection while on a school bus.

According to school officials, there are currently three active COVID-19 cases at Hallinan Elementary School in Lake Oswego School District. On Monday, the school announced that a total of 47 students had been exposed to one of those cases on the school bus.

After the positive case was found, the school wrote to the family. Some said the school district follows strict state and local guidance to protect the health of the area.

“Exposure to COVID-19 raises concerns and attention,” the letter read. “Guidance is mandated by the Oregon Department of Health. In the event of an exposure at our school, guidance will be given to LOSD in close contact, quarantine and quarantine rules, in collaboration with the Clackamas County Public Health Authority. And directs decisions to notify individuals and communities. LOSD will update the protocol if OHA guidance changes during the pandemic process. “

The last exposures of this incident on school campuses and buses were said to be September 1st and September 2nd. The school said it would keep the community up to date with new information while protecting the privacy of everyone.

“We appreciate your partnership in Harinan’s way of respecting everyone’s right to privacy and being kind to everyone,” the letter said.

By Wednesday, the school had notified the family of two more cases. Neither was related to the first case or 47 close contacts. Thankfully, no other close contact came from the two new cases.

Overall, There is nin in the districte Currently infected (number)..

47 Lake Oswego students exposed to COVID-19 on school bus Source link 47 Lake Oswego students exposed to COVID-19 on school bus

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