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49 Afghan refugees to resettle in Baton Rouge, 10 in New Orleans, Catholic Charities says | News – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-09-16 20:26:00 –

Dozens of Afghan refugees resettle in Louisiana with the help of a local non-profit organization.

Catholic charities in the Baton Rouge parish will help 49 refugees from war-torn countries find new homes, officials said Thursday.

An additional 10 people will move to New Orleans.

“Americans have shown an overwhelming desire to help the Afghan people who have endangered their lives and their families’ lives in helping our troops,” said the Catholic charity of the Baton Rouge parish. The organization’s director, David C. Aguilard, said in a news release.

He said the 49 refugees consist of about 12 families and are expected to arrive by the end of the month.

“The news arrived at us immediately, and we still have some details to resolve on each arrival,” continued Aguilard. “But this kind of work is an important part of the Catholic Charities’ evangelization. It arrived from Cuba after the revolution in Cuba in the 1960s.”

The Biden administration has begun to inform governors and state refugee coordinators across the country how many Afghan refugees are among them …

He explained that the Afghans who would settle in and around Baton Rouge were fleeing persecution and violence, and received extensive security clearance.

Catholic Charities, federal-funded, helps refugees find new homes by providing rental assistance, vocational training and placement, and cultural orientation classes to help refugees adapt to life in the United States. We support you on a regular basis.

However, these federal dollars only fund services for a few months. Parliament is currently discussing extending support beyond 90 days, Aguilard said, which is why Catholic charities are seeking help.

“Successful resettlement depends on the community reaching out and accepting arriving families,” said Aguilard.

Sponsors are needed to help refugees learn how to get on the local bus system, use 911 services, make medical appointments, and more. Nonprofits also need furniture for their families.

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“Catholic charities have experience helping those who supported our army,” Aguilard said. “We did it after the Vietnam War, we did it after the Iraq War.”

Charitable officials added that Americans can do the least after what Afghans have done for the US military.

“These are a group of special people who have taken extraordinary risks for themselves,” Aguilard said. “I’ve seen other refugees who helped our troops roll up their sleeves to show the wounds of the shrapnel absorbed to save the lives of Americans. I have seen their arms. I felt the metal solidify. “

Anyone interested in learning how to help can visit

President Joe Biden’s administration has begun informing governors and state refugee coordinators across the country of how many Afghan refugees will resettle in their state from the first group of approximately 37,000 arrivals. rice field.

According to State Department data on Afghanistan’s deployment and support programs obtained by the Associated Press, California is expected to reach more people than any other country.

Alabama and Mississippi will each have 10 people, US officials said Wednesday. Hawaii, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, and the District of Columbia are not expected to resettle from the first group of refugees who fled on the last day of the chaotic US withdrawal last month.

Many new evacuees are resettled in these states because many of their new evacuees already live in these states, according to two U.S. officials who discussed a call to state officials on condition of anonymity. Requested resettlement. Resettlements also have a great presence and capacity in many of these states.

Officials said the State Department has resettled evacuees on the advice of local affiliates of nine resettlement agencies in the country with which the US government is cooperating.

Evacuees in Afghanistan could be a good place to start a new life in the United States in other parts of Afghanistan, such as areas with abundant jobs and cheap housing, officials said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

49 Afghan refugees to resettle in Baton Rouge, 10 in New Orleans, Catholic Charities says | News Source link 49 Afghan refugees to resettle in Baton Rouge, 10 in New Orleans, Catholic Charities says | News

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