4th of July fireworks can be a trigger for veterans with PTSD – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-06-28 12:52:39 –

Independence Day holidays are just around the corner, but it’s not always a fun opportunity for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders.

according to 2020 survey by Statista83 percent of all US veterans experience PTSD.

UW Madison’s Dr. Christine Welan says fireworks around the 4th can cause great anxiety.

“Therefore, this period can regain very unpleasant and traumatic memories for many veterans, and these memories can be restored to a sudden state,” Whelan said.

She says there are some things you can do to fight the PTSD brought about by my fireworks.

“You can also avoid the trigger. Another option is to actually get closer to it. You actually go to the place where the fireworks display is held. And it’s actually fireworks, not gunshots. please confirm.”

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