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Patriots only won in a way they could only win, which raises the question: who can stop them when they have full power?

New England Patriots nose guardle Davongojo celebrates after Buffalo Bills kicker Tyler Bass misses a field goal attempt in the fourth quarter. (AP Photo / Adrian Claus)

The New England Patriots are the best team at AFC and the rest of the conference needs to deal with it.

They proved it in Monday Night Football in a way that only they could. Knock off Buffalo Bills 14-10 in prime time Pushing their winning streak to seven games and their record to 9-4, leading the conference.

Aggressively, New England defeated Bills in a game plan that Amos Alonzo Stag would have been proud of, against Bills’ defensive front in a 222-yard song rushing with 46 carries. I threw myself repeatedly.

Mac Jones completed two passes at 19 yards. Our Lord in 2021. And the patriot won.

On the other side of the ball, the defense once again responded to its reputation as the best unit in the league, the match was on the line and the last two Bills drives were pulled apart in the red zone without points.

What more can you say about a team that can win a game like this? Let’s check.

Patriots’ conservative approach pays off.

This feels like it can only be achieved if you are a Navy, Army, or high school team to which Derrick Henry belongs. Win a soccer match without doing anything other than playing soccer.

But seriously: At some point, Patriots allowed Jones to throw football in the fourth quarter with 6:51 remaining after calling 32 consecutive running plays. This is the first and only pass attempt since the second quarter pitch to John Nusmith. Jones threw again from the line of scrimmage in the next play, and that was it.

It wasn’t just “in the wind.” This has always been a game plan. Patriots didn’t intend to seize the opportunity on Jones’ stage, and if allowed, would control the ball with Bills all night.

Damien Harris’ first-quarter 64-yard touchdown run wasn’t just a big scoring play on the wind. It was proof that New England was actually able to overcome this and win.

Harris couldn’t finish the match, but Ramondole Stephenson returned from the kennel and was just dazzled while taking over three years ago. The elusive power and power of a rookie runner created a yard when nothing happened, and his key first down at Patriots’ 14 playfield goal hit the ground quite a bit overtime, with Bills playing the game. I had to record a touchdown to steal.

If we could do this when everyone knew that Patriots would run, who would prevent them from dominating the ground after allowing Jones to pass again?

Defense wins the game — again.

After seeing Patriots refuse to put the ball in the air, Allen somehow finds it awkward to see him cut football as the wind blows for a seemingly impossible throw. felt. Twice in the final quarter, Allen and Bills’ attacks made it embarrassingly easy to move the ball into the red zone. If they scored, the game felt like it was over.

It seems to be the 30th time this season, but Patriots’ defense did not make it happen.

Faced with a decisive one-third on Bills’ penultimate drive, Matthew Judon, the best player in defense, made one of the game’s biggest plays. He first threw a blocker into Josh Allen, defeated him, then fired a dynamic passerby three downs and pushed a 33-yard field goal attempt into the wind. Tyler Bass missed the kick and maintained a 14-10 lead.

Then, as Bills marched to the 10-yard line and the game approached two minutes to play on the next final drive, defense was strengthened again.

Aggressive Pass Rush first prevented Allen from turning a solid first into Stefon Diggs, forcing him to break his pocket and make a throw that was contested by the tight-end Dawson Knox. For the second time in the game, Adrian Phillips made football uncomfortable from Knox with such an extended play.

Then, after basically no pressure, Veritix dialed a fierce kitchen sink blitzkrieg on the 4th and 14th. Allen’s selfish throw was defeated by Miles Bryant by everything but the seal of the game.

Especially in this situation, statistics are not the only thing. It’s about making plays when they are most important. The defense of Patriots only finds a way to do it weekly that week.

N’Keal Harry realized that he was playing a new role.

He may not have done much at any other stage of Patriots’ operation, but the picks of the previous first round can certainly be blocked.

Harry played a lot again on Monday night as a tight end essentially outside, paving the way for a series of runs both inside and outside the tackle box.

His preference for placing timber on “crack” blocks grew again with Harris’ touchdown run. Harry stepped in as a tight receiver, blocking defensive end AJ Ipenessa from play (as I did for Myles Garrett a few weeks ago) and letting Harris race to reduce lanes and pay dirt. ..

As long as the third year recipient blocks so, it doesn’t matter if he makes another reception in the Patriots uniform. He will have already proved more than useful for this team and its playoff aspirations.

Harry may not be the only one who was pleased that Patriots didn’t trade him when his agent requested it last summer.

Lawrence Guy and Davon Gojo finally got a chance to shine.

It wasn’t just the football attackers that got the attention of Patriots.

Players like Godchaux and Guy rarely get a lot of praise for their best skill, stopping the run, as the focus is on getting quarterbacks in pass games. However, the two internal Space Eaters cleared up on Monday as Bills turned so much into their running game due to the disadvantages of throwing.

Gojo led Patriots with 10 tackles. This surpassed the record seven tackles of the previous season from the 12th week of the match against Tennessee. He and Guy kept themselves informed all night, throwing blockers from them to stop, and regularly blowing off running play at the point of attack.

Meanwhile, Guy finished with four tackles and Matt Braida’s fumble recovered.

Their mutual advantage was a big part of the run defense, which took Josh Allen’s 21-yard scramble and collected only 78 rush yards with 24 carries (3.07 yards / carry). As much as Patriots thrived in Pass Rush, Monday was a day when they were happy to have an Elite Transtopper.

Kyle van Neu continues to play big by doing all the little things.

Another day, another quietly dominant performance from Kyle van Neu.

First, he basically put Allen in his pocket and committed suicide on Bills Drive, pushing him into Judon’s arm for the least benefit of scrambling, and then forced Allen and Punt. all.

Then a veteran Patriots linebacker hit another ball on the line of scrimmage and stopped Buffalo’s drive before the half. It’s the 10th pass protected in his season.

He also added a quarterback hit.

If Judon was Patriots’ best off-season free agent signature (and perhaps across the NFL while we were playing), Van Noi should be seriously considered as the second best. His knowledge and ability to give New England defenses what he needs at all times is simply what the championship team needs.

Oh yeah, and that Judon guy: His 12.5 sack connects Chandler Jones most by the Patriots players of the Bill Belichick era.

Quick hit

  • Did the Pate Riots coach staff think about returning Harry to the field where he first erased the punt? Harry had never returned a punt for New England in his career and may not even have defended it outside of practice. Gunner Olzsewski was out in the past when he started the Punt Returner, but Jakobi Meyers or JJ Taylor replaced him. Taylor was out on Monday night (reserve / COVID list), and he also had a hard time catching the punt in the air, but a solid receiver, Myers, was available. At least he would have felt away. That play is on the coaching staff to put Harry in that position-probably the only failure of their night.
  • Losing aside, it was sometimes spectacular to see Allen throwing football in the wind. Completion of his ridiculous backshoulder to the 26-yard Stephen Diggs would not have been possible under Monday night conditions. He also had a deep ball that was somehow perfectly thrown, which the Diggs couldn’t track down in the end zone. Given how much football is moving, it’s probably a miracle that Digges crossed his arms, but it’s even bigger that the ball got there in the first place. Tell me what you want about him, but Allen’s talent is unrealistic.
  • Watch Bills absorb this loss in the media after the game is almost painful. Head coach Sean McDermott tried to deviate from the idea that he and his Buffalo staff were outcoached by Bill Belichick. say it, “Now don’t give Bill Belichick more credit than you need to.” In the meantime, it feels like it’s just happening all over the world. Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde have made an exception to reporters who suggest it is “embarrassing” to lose to a team that has only thrown the ball three times. Do you think they are a little angry that their reign at the summit of AFC East has been abruptly shortened? Imagine how much this could get worse if Pate Riots defeated Buffalo in the 16th week.

5 big takeaways as Patriots seize control of AFC with win over Bills Source link 5 big takeaways as Patriots seize control of AFC with win over Bills

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