5 Challenges that Private Tutors Face

Many tutors choose not to confine their services to only one educational institution. They take the path of self tutoring, which provides freedom and a meaningful job of shaping a brighter future by teaching the young minds of today’s generation. 

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Let’s further discuss some of the challenges that are faced by private tutors. 

1. Finding Enough Students for Sustained Income:

It can be challenging to market yourself and bring enough students to have a sustainable income as a private tutor. Sometimes due to long distances in cities, it can be challenging to provide your services to more students.

Another problem is the seasonal nature of the job, which makes it challenging to earn a sustained income. 

2. Work-life Balance:

As in any other freelance work, maintaining a balance between work and life can be difficult for a private tutor. If there is a sudden increase in students willing to take private tutoring in a school year, it can be challenging to decide whether you want to leave this opportunity or not. 

If you take too much workload, then your personal life can be affected by work stress. So maintaining a work-life balance is a constant struggle for private tutors. 

3. Collecting Fees:

Being a private tutor means that you have to collect fees from your students yourself. There are always some students who are genuinely unable to arrange the payments or others who intentionally don’t want to, which can mean a significant loss for your work.

It is always a hassle to calculate the fees and ensure that students pay them on time, instead of paying at the last moment. 

4. Online Tutoring Problems:

Many private tutors choose online tutoring to connect with their students. But if you don’t use a good tutoring platform, you might always be worried about getting cheated on your dues. 

The teaching methodology also changes a lot with the use of technology, and gaining the student’s attention and keeping them engaged can be challenging. 

5. Results and Performance:

Private tutors are hired mainly by parents who want their kids to have an additional source of teaching after average school time. The students and their parents expect to achieve the best results in the examinations after the coaching.

There is a significant burden on the tutor’s shoulders to prove themselves through the excellent grades obtained by the students. Otherwise, get ready to be blamed for the failure, no matter how hard they had tried.

These were some of the challenges which are faced by private tutors in their careers. 

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