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5 Modern Day Stressors and How to Keep Them in Check

Life has a way of providing its fair share of stressors. Research points to the detrimental impact of stress when people don’t learn how to handle it. Between 75-90% of all hospital visits are directly connected to stress. Though stress management isn’t necessarily taught by parents or in school, every individual is responsible for learning and implementing the right methods in order to thrive from a healthy space. Consider some of the modern-day stressors people suffer from and how to keep them in check.

  1. Specific Individuals

Whether it’s a boss, a sibling, or a friend who’s always gossiping, it’s pretty common to have some relationships that are pretty stressful. Instead of allowing those individuals to run your blood pressure up, consider the amount of time you spend with them. If you’re dealing with stress in your marriage, counseling is a wise solution. If you’re dealing with a toxic sibling, have a conversation or create some distance. If your boss is creating a lot of tension at work, consider finding a new job environment. Some relationships are worth preserving, and there are some that are worth cutting off. Learn the difference as you move forward.

  1. Home Life

There are a number of reasons why your home life can be stressful. You might be in the trenches of parenting teenagers who are pretty mouthy. You might have a stressful roommate who doesn’t take on their fair share of the chores. Instead of allowing tension to build up, become intentional about creating boundaries. Everyone deserves to feel safe at home. To create safety within parenting, you might need to become creative with your solutions. If your teenagers aren’t involved in physical extracurricular activities (swimming, football, dance), exercise might help boost their endorphins and regulate their teenage angst.

  1. Life-Altering Transitions

Planning a wedding can be really stressful. Grieving the loss of a loved one is particularly stressful. Relocating to a new area can be very stressful. Whether it’s a positive change or a negative change, life-altering transitions provide their own unique stressors. Whether you’re suffering from a lack of sleep or an increase in your anxiety, consider tools such as supplementation to manage your stress. Look for an online shop for CBD gummies in order to experience the relaxing benefits.

  1. Technology

Social media platforms are particularly stressful for people who feel lonely and isolated. When you’re looking at someone else’s highlight reel, it’s very tempting to become depressed because of the temptation to compare. Social media platforms are best for becoming inspired by others as well as connecting with others. Limit your time on the platforms by setting a timer on your phone. When you start to aimlessly scroll, put the phone down and do something productive for yourself. Even if the productivity involves laughing at a comedy special on television, invest in activities that spark joy and laughter as this can directly decrease stress and improve the quality of your mental health.

  1. Health

Health is wealth so it’s meant to be cherished, preserved, and protected. When you’re in a position where you’re losing control of your health (diseases, injuries, etc.), it can be a pretty devastating experience. If your health is failing, don’t be ashamed about reaching out for help. When you’re able to get into a community with supportive loved ones who are willing to be supportive, this can release a load of stress from your shoulders.

There’s nothing fun about suffering from bouts of chronic stress. Because many people don’t know how to manage stress, they suffer from preventable diseases, mental health issues and so much more. By learning how to get a handle on these intentional acts of healing, anyone can make it through stressful circumstances in a timely fashion.

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