5 Points About Amazon Employment Machines

Records also show that black employees in warehouses were almost 50% more likely to be dismissed than white employees because of productivity, misconduct, absenteeism, and so on. (Amazon said it can’t see the data without knowing more about the source.)

Derrick Palmer, a black worker at JFK8, got a job at the company as an enthusiastic fan in 2015 and was often a top producer.

But between constant surveillance, the assumption that many workers are lazy and the lack of opportunities for promotion, “many minority workers felt we were being used,” Palmer said. Said. His comments reflected the sentiment of black workers behind a failed union campaign at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama this year.

This spring, the company Diversity plan, Includes the goal of “retaining employees at statistically similar rates across all demographics.” This implicitly admits that the numbers were uneven among races. At JFK8, leaders hold weekly “talent review” meetings to ensure that black and Latino workers in particular are making progress.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has used some of the most frustrating practices for employees (short-term employment models with few opportunities for promotion, and technology to hire workers. Monitoring and management) is adopted.

He believed that the established workforce created a “procession to the mundane,” said David Nikerk, a former longtime vice president who built the company’s former HR operations in the warehouse.

According to company data, most employees became enthusiastic over time, and Bezos believed that people were inherently lazy. “What he says is that our nature as humans is to spend as little energy as possible to get what we want and need,” Nikerk said. ..That belief embedded From the ease of instant ordering to the dissemination of data to get the most out of your employees, your entire business.

5 Points About Amazon Employment Machines

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