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Jean Santos, co-founder and senior consultant at Business Consulting Resources, shares how collaborative leadership development can create a strong team.
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In business, leadership is often seen as the responsibility of the CEO. However, when a company views leadership as a team effort and applies a philosophy called collaborative leadership development, a stronger leadership team is created. Jean Santos, co-founder and senior consultant at Business Consulting Resources, explains how to do that.

1. Understand the big picture

Everyone in the company, not just the C Suite, is committed to improving leadership and skills. Everyone works together to identify the overall area of ​​development. Everyone shares their individual development plans openly. Teams work together as much as possible to support each other in achieving their individual goals.

2. Invest time

Leadership development can be postponed, especially if employees are focused on their day-to-day operations and strategic company goals. Invest time in leadership development and visualize the long-term benefits of your team. From more effective management and operational processes to improving interpersonal dynamics.

If you need to help your team establish a process, look for an outside advisor.

3. Create a safe environment for discussion

Transparent conversations and vulnerabilities can be daunting at first, but with the trust of your team and facilitators, honesty can be a powerful tool. In this phase, team members consider their strengths and improvements, as well as their colleagues’ strengths and improvements.

4. Employees document individual plans

Each person needs to start with three or four key goals (areas they want to improve, skills they want to acquire) and elaborate on how they will be achieved next year. Include time frames, expected outcomes, and scenarios in which their leadership behavior may be relevant or useful.

Present each development plan to the entire team and find ways to learn and build together as a unit in areas where the plans overlap. Allow team members to support you in the process by acting as an accountable partner.

5. Follow-up

Make sure your efforts do not diminish over time. Establish accountability and scheduled check-in specifically for the leadership development process. After celebrating your success and mastering your planning goals, set new goals.

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