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Fresno, California 2021-09-15 07:01:27 –

Sacramento, California-California Governor Gavin Newsom successfully evaded a Republican recall attempt on Tuesday, turning the contest’s stakes from a referendum on his own performance to a partisan battle over trumpism and coronavirus. ..

Five points from Newsom’s victory:

COVID precautions can help Democrats

The Republicans intended the recall to be a referendum on Democratic California rule and the associated homelessness, crime, high housing costs, and energy issues. But with a little political jujutsu, and with the help of the spreading Delta variant, Newsom turned it into a referendum on Republican opposition to preventative measures against the coronavirus.

Republicans trying to replace Newsom opposed the obligation to mask and vaccine, and the Governor of California gladly emphasized it. Newsom called the recall a “life and death issue,” and aired an ad accusing Republican top candidate Larry Elder, a talk radio host, of “fabricating a deadly conspiracy theory.”

Ironically, the recall gained momentum after Newsom was captured at a lobbyist’s birthday party at a fashionable Napa Valley restaurant in November-unmasked and violated his own social distance orders. At a large party. But his strategist has argued for weeks that his leadership during the pandemic is a plus for him and he should not be afraid that other Democrats will lead the matter.

In his post-victory remarks, Newsom continued to focus on the virus. The governor wants to focus on what he said to reporters, “Yes, as a nation.” He said “yes” to science, “yes” to vaccines, and “yes” to end this pandemic. “

Republicans Revive Unfounded Fraud Claims

The groundless claims of Republican fraud will not go away quickly.

Republicans claimed the election was “illegal,” even while ballots were still being cast. It was an unfounded claim, a strange claim given that the Republicans had relatively good results and won four seats under the same California election system in November.

However, the rhetoric of former President Donald Trump’s false election fraud soon infiltrated Republican politics. The former president enthusiastically added his own voice to the claim. And, a few days before the polls ended, the elders campaign strangely began to spread links to petitions requesting an investigation of his losses. ..

In states where registered Democrats outnumbered registered Republicans almost 2: 1 and the GOP hasn’t won state-wide elections since 2006, recalls have always been a long shot. The loss that polls have been coming for months shows that the party is stuck with those allegations. It led to an attack on the US Capitol on January 6, after Trump’s defeat.

In particular, the elder seemed to be about to step down from an inflamed election allegation on Tuesday night. In his concession speech, he told his supporters, “Let’s be graceful to defeat.”

Still, some Californians are worried about what could happen in their state.

Mindy Romero, director of the University of Southern California’s Inclusive Democracy Center, said: “I can’t see the positive then.”

No light at the end of the California Republican tunnel

The recall provided California Republicans with the only plausible shot at a state-wide office in one of the bluest states in the United States. Recall is a way to dodge direct matches that send voters to regular party corners.

It happened in 2003 when Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger won a recall against Democratic Governor Gray Davis. Schwarzenegger’s moderate politics would not have won the Republican primary, but it was appealing enough to voters who were fed up with incumbents. Some Republicans hoped that former moderate San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer would be on the ballot this year as well.

However, the Republican Party had two problems. First, California is much different than it was in 2003 and is more liberal and diverse. Currently, the state has more than 3 million registered Democrats since the last recall, but nearly 400,000 fewer Republicans.

Second, Fall Connor never caught up. Instead, the elder’s exaggerated style was sharpened on talk radio during his decades, echoing Trump and jumping him to the top of the Republican Party. Newsom sensed the favorable contrast and began beating the elders with radio waves.

Some Republicans wanted the populist approach of African-American elders to appeal to diverse voters in California. But that didn’t seem to work.

“Larry Elder was exactly what Gavin Newsom needed,” said Rob Stutzman, a veteran strategist at the Republican Party of California.

NEWSOM is back from Blink

There is no doubt that Newsom won the call election. But he may not have appeared unharmed.

When elected in 2018, Newsom was riding a wave of anti-Trump, being considered the center of “resistance” to Washington’s Republican forces. The former Mayor of San Francisco was considered as a future presidential candidate.

Three years later, his state is recovering from a cruel drought and associated wildfires. Heat waves cause rolling blackouts. Homeless people continue to plague the state’s big cities as housing costs don’t seem to give up.

The recall showed that Republicans are unlikely to beat Newsom in the Partisan race. And while the governor can boast a biased victory on Tuesday, the exact margin may not be known for weeks until all ballots are counted.

But California has a big bench of Democrats, who may want to move up, and the state’s problems won’t go away anytime soon. “I think there are Democrats watching this with bibs, forks and knives off,” Stutzman said.

Newsom’s political activities could prevent a major Democrat from being carried out as an alternative to the recall and freed him to portray his efforts as a fraudulent Republican party. Will he be able to keep out the challenger in 2022?

Mid-term confusing signs

The recall was President Joe Biden’s first important election and served as a sort of political stress test for both parties ahead of the middle of next year.

The Democratic Party has shown that voters can be found even if the party hosts the White House. This has traditionally been a tough feat, so parties in power usually lose parliamentary seats in the midterm elections. Republicans are trying to regain the House of Representatives and the Senate. Recall turnout was expected to be high-some experts predicted it would be close to the more than 12 million people who voted in California in 2018.

Refusal to recall-and elders-that candidates who are too consistent with Trump remain toxic both in democratic regions and in current political battlefields such as the former Republican Orange County. is showing.

Finally, the recall was a referendum on Newsom and, especially with regard to the coronavirus, how Californians wanted to rule the state. This is a problem that the governor has a great influence on. The interim period will be Biden’s referendum. The power that Republicans can win-parliamentary rule-is not the executive branch where coronavirus regulation has come to this day.

It’s unclear whether Democrats can defend Congress as well as the governor of the most populous state in the United States.

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5 takeaways after Governor Gavin Newsom survives California recall attempt Source link 5 takeaways after Governor Gavin Newsom survives California recall attempt

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