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Red Sox

“It’s a good time to win a lot of ball games.”

Boston Red Sox’s Xander Bogaerts has seen his two-run home run fly in five baseball games against the New York Mets. Associated Press Photo / Charles Kurpa

Here, Red Sox Won 6-3 consecutive games at Mets to thwart the Yankees and the Blue Jays in the American League wildcard race.

Big picture

The Red Sox missed a great opportunity to jump to the top early on, with no third bases loaded. However, Xander Bogaerts made a strange 5-2-3 double play, and Rafael Devers jumped out to keep the team away from the board.

Mets loaded the base with no one at the top of the top of the fourth inning, but only ran twice after Kike Hernandez threw Pete Alonso on the plate (the decision to send Alonso home). Very bad, the NESN broadcast was the third time-the base coach was clearly upset by himself after the innings).

The Red Sox, meanwhile, recorded their first run in the bottom of the fourth inning when Christian Vazquez doubled at Bobby Dalbec. The fifth time, he seems to have found a rhythm with the Mets starter Marcus Stroman.Hernandez is Home Red, Kyle Schwarber is Double, Bogaerts Home red Also to lead the Red Sox.

Bogaerts wasn’t over — sixth, at full base, he singled to the right center to drive Hernandez and Jose Iglesias.

The Mets added a run for the eighth time when Alonso hit the rocket over the left wall, but the Red Sox kept them scoreless on the rest of the road.

Game star

Xander Bogaerts — 2 to 3, 1 run, 4 RBIs, Homer, Walk

Assigning the “Star of the Games” category is much easier if the player drives four of the team’s six runs with a 6-3 win.

Its meaning

The Yankees comfortably defeated the Rangers. The Blue Jays have postponed the second half of the rally by Rays. The Red Sox needed a win, maintaining a 1.5-game advantage over the Blue Jays and a two-game advantage over the Yankees.

In other words, the Red Sox are doing exactly what they need to do to make a postseason: take care of the business against the defeated teams that remain on their slate.

“Our goal has been to win every series for some time now, and that should be okay,” said Red Sox manager Alex Cora.

“It’s a good time to win a lot of ball games,” added Xander Bogaerts.

The point

1. NESN’s Jahmai Webster asked Bogaerts the most important question after the broadcast match. Will the yellow City Connect jersey, which the Red Sox won four straight games, stay here?

“Yes, we have to be with these people,” Bogaerts grinned. “Sorry. If we keep winning, we have to stick to them for a moment. They called them a little boring after a few games, but with them Hanging. Hang with them. “

Bogaerts later said in the locker room that no one specifically requested a yellow jersey, but “there are some clever people in this locker room.”

“We will wear them tomorrow,” Coke confirmed during his availability.

2. Prior to the game, Alex Cora discussed the Red Sox face conundrum with José Iglesias and Christian Arroyo. Iglesias is playing well and contributed to the team’s victory in the absence of Arroyo, but will not be able to play in the postseason as it was added after the August 31 deadline. Therefore, the timing of Arroyo’s return is important.

“We think he has time to get repeated and reach where he wants to be and where we want, but at the same time his opinion is very important,” Cola said.

Arroyo — The person who hit .264/324/.453 — Reportedly You can return this series. The Red Sox have 10 games left.

3. Mets fans filled one section of Fenway Park, especially Centerfield, on Tuesday.

Good news for Red Sox fans, especially the boy in the video below? Some of Mets’ fans were kind-hearted.

4. Rodriguez pitched well in 3 innings, but struggled a bit in 4th and 5th innings, finishing in 4.1 innings, 5 hits, 2 runs and 3 walks.

After the game, Rodriguez was asked about his pending contract status.

“I’m not worried about it right now, do you know what I mean?” He said. “I was worried about going out and doing everything I could to win the game. I can’t think of the future. I’m just thinking about what it is now, and that’s me We’re just playing to go to the postseason. That’s my goal. “

But Bogaerts sounded nostalgic when asked what Rodriguez meant to the organization. He emphasized what it was like to play with Rodriguez over the years and pointed out that the time the two players spent together was gone.

“He did tremendous things for this organization,” Bogaerts said. “Hopefully he can stay, it’s not up to me. Hopefully they can understand it. But he appeared whenever he was healthy. He appeared on it. Gave everything. As I said, he fought some injuries, but almost every five days he could expect him to climb there and have a good fight. “

5 takeaways as Red Sox beat Mets, maintain lead in wild card chase Source link 5 takeaways as Red Sox beat Mets, maintain lead in wild card chase

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