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The Red Sox attack was a bit confusing in July.

The Red Sox played against the Yankees on Sunday. Photo by Rich Schultz / Getty Images

The Red Sox lost to the Yankees two games in a row on Sunday, losing 9-1.

This is what happened.

Big picture

The Red Sox attack didn’t work in most games, but the Yankees really pulled away in the seventh inning. Brett Gardner led and closed the frame. The first look notched the single and the second look loaded the base and grounded out.

However, the Yankees did a lot of damage during Gardner’s two at-bats. Rougned Odor blew up a 418-foot Homer who gave the Yankees a 5-0 lead. Brandon Workman joined the game and had a lot of trouble walking three batters, including two, with the base loaded.

The Red Sox, which had no rest until August, did not recover and fell to 56-38.

Game star

Rogue Ned Odor — 2 to 3, 2 RBIs, 3 runs, 2 runs HR

The scent started jumping the decisive seventh in his homer, but he was tough all night for the Red Sox with two hits and one walk, and he scored every time he reached the base did.

Its meaning

Rays won the Braves match on Sunday, closing the gap in the American League East to a half-game. The Yankees are currently behind the Red Sox by seven games.

The point

1. The Red Sox attack has slipped down in the last few weeks. Every FanGraphsThe July Red Sox (9th in the offensive season) is 20th on the offensive index and 15th on the Team WAR.

“It hasn’t been a hit since I went to the West Coast,” Alex Cora told reporters after the match. “We’ve been chasing the pitch, and we’re in one of the stretches like when we played Houston and those guys. I love swinging bats. We do. But for a while, I’ve been chasing the pitch from the zone …

“I can talk about the numbers. I think we’ve achieved .220 as a group since Friday in Auckland. So obviously we played some tough games on the west coast and went to Philadelphia. I’ve played some tough games against, but aggressively, we’re not near our team. We know. “

The Red Sox have been 4-7 in the last 11 games.

2. As MLB’s trading deadline approached, Buster Olney frowned online, suggesting that the Yankees might consider trading Aaron Judge.

The judge who missed the match on Sunday on the COVID-19 injured list is probably the Yankees’ most popular player and one of the league’s most popular players. If he becomes available, the Yankees will have many suitors.

3. Jarren Duran struggled in his second appearance and struck out to finish 0-4. But he made some comparisons from the intriguing ESPN booth: Matt Vasgersian’s Jacoby Ellsbury, Buster Olney’s Steve Finley, Alex Rodriguez’s Trot Nixon (but more than one). As the observer pointed out, Nixon was considerably slower than Durand on the fleet’s feet).

Wired for sound, Alex Verdugo is a fan of the Red Sox outfield outlook.

After that, Basgershan drew a comparison between Bobby Dalbec and Mark McGwire, so as always, compare players with a grain of salt.

4. Speaking of Dalbec, he replaced Christian Arroyo on first base after Arroyo appeared to have injured his groin stretch. Arroyo recently learned how to play first base Told reporters Even if he felt a little different earlier this weekend, he was fine with the switch.

“After all, you’re still defending the ground ball and just trying to catch baseball,” he said. “I don’t think it’s that difficult, but there are some of the best infield coaches in the league. They will help me as much as I can. You can play wherever you need it.”

Cola sounded discouraged by Arroyo’s post-match injury.

“Probably IL,” Coke said. “He felt it when he stretched. It’s difficult, isn’t it? Of course, he felt ready to play first, so he stretched and it happened. It happened to us. It’s hard for us, but we bounce back. “

Red Sox Franchy Cordero is here Hiring a rep at Worcester’s first base may be interesting to monitor. Cordero seems to have found his groove in the plate, hitting .344 / .425 / .573 in Worcester.

5. According to ESPN’s broadcast, the Red Sox last walked five batters in one inning in 2014. During the Red Sox’s disastrous seventh, Workman handed out three walks and Darwinzon Hernandez added two walks.

The Red Sox won the runback, the only run of the game, by hitting the center of their orders at the top of the top of the eighth inning. If the Red Sox pitcher kept the Yankees off the board for the seventh time, it would be hard to wonder what happened in the weird contest.

5 takeaways as Yankees use sloppy 7th inning to roll over Red Sox Source link 5 takeaways as Yankees use sloppy 7th inning to roll over Red Sox

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