5 Things You Should Know Before The Stock Market Opens Friday, June 11th

Here are the most important news, trends and analyses that investors need to start a trading day:

1. The S & P 500 is likely to close Thursday’s record

On April 16, 2021, a Wall Street sign is drawn outside the New York Stock Exchange during a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic in the Manhattan district of New York.

Carlo Allegri | Reuters

US Equity Futures Rise Friday, next day S & P 500 It recorded the 27th record in 2021, but it is the record since May 7. Dow Thursday also rose Break 3 sessions in a row It closed less than 1% from last month’s record closing price.Is NasdaqThe rise on Thursday brought the tech heavy index to within 1% of the last record that ended in late April.

Prior to its opening on Wall Street on Friday, the Nasdaq has risen 1.5% in a week for the first time since January, at a four-weekly pace of increase. The S & P 500 was aiming for a three-week streak. The Dow was 0.8% off in a week and was expected to rise for the second straight week.

Is Treasury yield for 10 years It fell on Friday and traded at just over 1.4%. Near the lows in early March Before it surged to a 14-month high above 1.7% later in the month.

2. Meme stocks get some relief after hitting a wall

Selinsgrove, PA, USA –2021/01/27: A woman passing by the GameStop store in Sasukehana Valley Mall. The online group has soared the stock prices of GameStop (GME) and AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. (AMC) in an attempt to narrow short sales.

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Meme stocks got some relief Early Friday after hitting a wall on Thursday.Share GameStopIt rose 6% in the premarket, which put 27% in the tank on Thursday. GameStop investors seemed to be running towards the exit on Thursday, the day after video game retailers announced their original appointments. Amazon Executives as CEO and CFO said they could sell as many as 5 million additional shares to raise funds. GameStop — about 50% off January’s record high of $ 483 per share — remained nearly 1,100% higher in 2021. Last week’s big winner, AMC EntertainmentAfter closing 13% on Thursday, it rose 4% in the premarket on Friday. Shares, which fell more than 40% from last week’s high of $ 72.62, rose 1,900% this year as well.

3. Biden, G7 leader approves global minimum corporate tax

US President Joe Biden will take a photo at a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson prior to the G7 Summit in Carvis Bay, Cornwall, England, on June 10, 2021.

Toby Melville | Reuters

President Joe Biden And G7 leaders Publicly approve Global minimum corporate tax of at least 15% on Friday. This is one of the broader agreements to update international tax law for the globalized digital economy. At a meeting at a resort in the UK, world leaders also put a digital service tax on America’s largest tech company, not where multinationals actually do business, but in practice. We are announcing plans to replace it with a new tax system linked to where we are going. head office. The White House also said G7 leaders agreed to “continue to provide policy support to the global economy as long as it is necessary to produce a strong, balanced and comprehensive economic recovery.”

4.2 Royal Caribbean passengers test positive for Covid

The file photo shows a celebrity millennium cruise ship at the Kowloon Bay Kai Tuck Cruise Terminal.

Felix Wong | South China Morning Post | Getty Images

Royal Caribbean Late Thursday, he said two guests were on board the Celebrity Millennium ship. Covid test positive.. The cruise operator said the passengers were asymptomatic and isolated. The Celebrity Millennium was one of the first cruises in North America to resume voyages last week. The CDC called on fully vaccinated crew members and all 16 years and older to provide evidence of vaccination in lifting the pandemic suspension for more than a year. In the early days of Covid last year, cruise ships became hotbeds of the coronavirus.

5. Tesla will start shipping new Model S plaid

Tesla Model S Plaid

Source: Tesla

Tesla We have started delivery of the new model S plaid. Live stream event Thursday night on a test truck from an electric car maker near a factory in Fremont, California. CEO Elon Musk I drove the Model S plaid around the truck and on the stage to make his entrance. A few weeks before the event, Musk touted a car that was months behind as “the fastest production car ever made.” A high-performance version of Tesla’s flagship sedan, the Model S Plaid starts at $ 129,990, compared to the $ 79,990 for the long-range 2021 Model S. Musk tweeted on Sunday that Tesla canceled the $ 150,000 Model S Played Plus. Plaid is very good and is necessary. “

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5 Things You Should Know Before The Stock Market Opens Friday, June 11th

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