5 Topics to Avoid on a First Date

The first date is a meeting during which almost everyone feels very uncomfortable. However, in order not to get into an even more awkward situation, you should avoid topics that you should not talk about on the first date.

We know, sometimes it can be hard to come up with topics of conversation, and the moments of silence can be downright frightening. However, in any case, do not start a conversation with Ukrainian brides from https://brides4love.com/ukrainian-brides about the topics that will be discussed in this article!

1.  Previous Relationship

Most of us are well aware that talking about past relationships is one of the most unwelcome topics, but many still fall into this trap. Even if the person you are dating is ordering exactly the same dish as your ex ordered, if he/she likes the same group or in some way, your new acquaintance reminds you of your ex — just ignore this. Undoubtedly, in the future, you will have to touch on the topic of previous relationships, but on the first date, this should never be done. Just enjoy the meeting and avoid any comparisons to your ex, as this can spoil your mood a lot.

2.  Marriage

Even if you have been dreaming about getting married since the age of 6 (and this is true for most women and probably only for a few men), try not to touch on this topic on the first date. Talking about marriage can be very scary when a person goes on a date with you. Focus on what is going on at the moment — your date can be the first step towards a happy marriage, but it can also happen that your relationship does not continue. Enjoy the meeting and do not think too much about the consequences.

3.  Health Talk

Whether it is painful periods, prostate problems, or just a cold with a bad runny nose — these topics are totally inappropriate for a first date. This will make the conversation negative and look like you are complaining about life. We all have some kind of health problems, and it is okay to share these things with your significant other, but you should not do this on the first date. At the first meeting, it is crucial to show yourself only from your best side.

4.  The Dark Sides of Your Personality

Do you have any weird habits? Do you hate the whole world at times? Do you secretly admire serial killers? While these oddities can be perceived as cute quirks, you should not talk about the dark sides of your personality on your first date. At your very first serious meeting, talking about your quirks can alert your new acquaintance; he or she may not want to continue communicating with you.

5.  Your Problems

We all have problems, and it is okay if you want to talk about them. However, talking about life’s difficulties and troubles is inappropriate on the first date — it will only ruin your entire romantic mood. If you really need to talk, then talk to your friends. They have known you for a long time, and this will not scare them away.


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