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Lacrosse, Wisconsin (AP) — The city of Lacrosse has not experienced floods that have caused flood claims for nearly 60 years, but Sarala Faiko does not want the city’s residents to be satisfied.

“Just because there have been no major floods since 1965 does not mean that there will be no floods,” said Rafajko, a city floodplain manager and chronic sabotage engineer. increase. “Floods can occur at any time.”

The city aims to stay ahead of potential flood problems by developing flood hazard mitigation plans. Representatives of the city’s hired government and consultants gathered at the Black River Beach Neighborhood Center to provide information and answer questions. A map of the floodplain, mitigation techniques, flood compliance and flood insurance information are displayed.

Bernardrentz, utility manager for the city of Lacrosse, said its purpose was “a well-thought-out approach to protecting the city from floods.” There are many ways to do that. “

The cities bordering Minnesota haven’t experienced catastrophic and widespread floods lately, but water problems still exist. According to the Lacrosse Tribune, street floods, proximity to the Mississippi, Black and Lacrosse rivers, and spills from the cliffs east of the city are all dangerous.

Rafajko said the old structure is a concern. She said many were built before modern flood mitigation practices.

“The biggest concern is the aging of the housing market,” she said. “Some homes have basements that shouldn’t have basements.”

She said green spaces and wetlands are an important part of any mitigation program.

“Any green space is beneficial, especially when it’s on a floodplain,” she said.

Alex Le of the US Army Corps of Engineers said awareness is important to homeowners.

“They need to know where they are in the floodplain to know what kind of risk they are facing,” Le said.

Rafajko said mitigation plans are important because cities can qualify for federal funding by implementing approved plans. Funded projects include housing relocation and storm drain replacement.

If you couldn’t attend the open house, you can still share your comments through the survey posted on the project website. The process is in its infancy, but city officials hope to have the plan ready within a year.

“There are many restrictions on living in floodplains, and there are good reasons for that,” Raffaiko said. “My personal goal is to understand the community’s perception of living in a floodplain and what it entails.”

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